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Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with notch design

New higher mid–tier phone packs Samsung’s Infinity V display.

Samsung appears to be throwing its weight behind notch smartphone designs, after sources revealed it is planning to bring its Infinity V display technology to the upcoming Galaxy A50.

Infinity V was revealed last year during Samsung’s developer conference, when it also showcased its ‘hole punch’ Infinity O screen.

While the latter is set to star in the imminent new Galaxy S10 range, Infinity V seems to be solely for more affordable phones.

The Galaxy A50 will utilise the design, which looks more akin to OnePlus’s ‘tear drop’ notch than the wider versions seen on Google’s Pixel 3 and Apple’s iPhone XS.

As well as packing a notch, the Galaxy A50 is due to come with up to 4GB of RAM and Android Pie out of the box. Camera specs remain unknown.

Samsung has already confirmed that its new, affordable Galaxy M Series will feature its Infinity V screen. That device is due to be revealed at the end of January.

The Galaxy A50 could launch ahead of Samsung’s planned S10 launch event which is set to take place in San Francisco on 20th February.



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