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  5. The Meizu Zero is the first phone without a hole

The Meizu Zero is the first phone without a hole

Meizu Zero

If you think ditching the headphone jack is innovative, get a load of this: it’s a phone without a single hole. That’s right, no charging port, no headphone jack, not even a speaker grille.

There’s also no SIM card slot. Instead, the handset uses a virtual SIM and wireless charging.

The only things stopping the 7.8mm thick body from being a completely smooth slab are the front and rear cameras and two pinholes: one is a microphone, the other activates a hard reset when prodded with an unfolded paperclip.

So how do you get sound out of it if it doesn’t have a speaker grille? The Meizu Zero’s 5.88-inch screen will act as a giant speaker and earpiece replacement.

Other features include an in-screen fingerprint sensor and pressure-sensitive buttons on the border.

It’s only been announced in its native China at the moment. We’ll keep you posted on a UK launch.

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