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The next iPhone could use USB-C

Will Apple ditch the Lightning port?
iPhone charging lightning connector dock

This year’s new iPhones could have a USB-C port, according to a new report. This would see Apple ditch its own Lightning port in favour of USB-C.

USB-C currently comes as standard on new Android phones.

It wouldn’t be an unheard of move for Apple. The firm dropped Lightning from last year’s iPad Pro model in favour of USB-C.

According to the report, USB-C could debut on this year’s iPhones. But considering that Apple’s engineers have not yet reached the reference design stage, we might not see it until 2020, the year Apple is mooted to launch a 5G iPhone.

Apple introduced the Lightning port back in 2012. Then it was hailed by the firm as “the new connector for many years to come”.

USB-C would open the iPhone up to many more accessories. The European Commission is also thought to be considering measures that would force phone companies to embrace one cross-industry standard for chargers.

This would reduce waste and be much more convenient for consumers who wouldn’t need a different charger for each phone.

Apple is also rumoured to be working on a new iPod Touch, which would also feature a USB-C port.


Mac Otakara, via MacRumors

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