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  5. Here’s a first look at the Samsung Galaxy F folding phone on video

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Here’s a first look at the Samsung Galaxy F folding phone on video

We won’t get a good look at Samsung’s Galaxy F folding phone until its launch on 20th February. But today Samsung has given us a sneak peek on video.

This clip was posted by the official YouTube account of Samsung Vietnam. It shows a bunch of futuristic Samsung products, one of which is the folding phone the firm has already shown off in brief.

The video was pulled shortly after it was posted, so presumably it shouldn’t have gone live just yet. But one plucky viewer was able to repost it.

In need of more Galaxy F news? Here's all we've got so far.

The folding phone makes its appearance 24 seconds in.

The handset is effectively a two-in-one.

Fold it open, and it gives you a tablet-sized screen to work with. Fold it down, and it’s the size of a smartphone, so it’ll fit in your pocket.

Samsung has shown off the device before at its Developer Conference in November. But it didn’t disclose any details.

We’ll bring you more leaks as we get them. And make sure you tune in for the launch event on 20th February.


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