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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could have 4 rear cameras and a new name

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could have 4 rear cameras and a new name

Details spill on Samsung’s next big thing.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 homescreen blue S Pen stylus hero

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold might be dominating the headlines at the moment, but already news is coming out about Samsung’s next big smartphone.

According to reports, the Galaxy Note 10, which is scheduled to launch around the start of September, will come with four rear cameras.

That's one more than the S10 and S10 Plus and would match the 5G version of the S10 that was also unveiled last week, but won't go on sale until later in the year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera button

More rear cameras means more versatile shooting modes. For example, some flagships now have a telephoto, wide-angle and ultra-wide lens on the back, alongside the standard one.

That means you can zoom in very close to your subject without any loss in quality, and get much wider shots (ideal for landscapes, group shots and panoramas).

Not sure which Samsung phone to choose? We've outlined all the key difference between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S9.

Another tidbit about the Note 10: it might have a new name. Rumour has it Samsung will rebrand its flagship phones (i.e. the Galaxy S and Note ranges).

Apparently, this is because Samsung thinks phones ending in the numbers 11 and above will be harder to pronounce.

“Samsung is aware that after the S10, people may not like the longer names that will come with two-digit numbers, if we stick to the current system,” a Samsung executive told the Yonhap News Agency.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 lock screen S Pen stylus hero size

The change is likely to happen next year, though Samsung could go early and drop the Note moniker for the Note 10 later this year.

So what else are we expecting from the device? There’s a good chance it will have 5G, in order to position it as a premium, future-proofed device.

The screen could well be larger, and could use Samsung’s Infinity-O tech. This is a screen technology with a ‘hole punch’ that houses the front-facing camera. It’s smaller and less intrusive than a notch, meaning you get more screen space.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 purple and blue backs camera lenses fingerprint scanner hero size

This would mean a higher screen-to-body ratio, and would let Samsung use a larger display.

Of course a lot can happen before launch day, so stay tuned as we bring you all the latest rumours.


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