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  5. Samsung Galaxy S10 already available to pre-order from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S10 already available to pre-order from Samsung


The Galaxy S10 isn’t even official yet, but you can already pre-order one direct from Samsung.

The tech giant has launched a website that lets users register their details in order to reserve the S10.

Admittedly, the site stops short of actually naming the S10. But its event on 20th February features a big ’10’ logo, which is pretty clear.

The US site offers customers up to $550 (£429) off the S10 when they trade in an eligible device.

Sadly, the UK site only lets customers sign up to be notified about the handset, so us Brits can’t reserve one just yet.

The US site reveals some more details about the phone. It will ship by 8th March, which is the on-sale date named in a number of leaks.

Can't wait to find out more about the S10? Here's everything you need to know about the launch event. And where to watch the S10 launch live.

Samsung is expected to launch the S10, a cheaper version called the S10E, a bigger, pricier model called the S10 Plus, and a 5G version to boot.

We’ll bring you all the news come 20th February.



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