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SMARTY launches new Unlimited plan

Budget network promises it won’t throttle speeds on new, generous offer.
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SMARTY has launched a new Unlimited plan to go alongside its four existing budget deals.

The network, which bills itself as ‘simple and honest’, has revealed that users can access unlimited calls, texts and data for just £25 per month.

What’s more, it says it won’t throttle data for those who want to use their phones constantly. SMARTY claims that rival providers slow down data access after the first 20GB on certain ‘unrestricted’ packages.

The deal, which is available on a 30–day rolling contract, is not subject to any hidden fair use policy and that customers will not have to undergo any credit checks when they sign up.

SMARTY says its new deal is aimed at those who spend most of the time streaming video on their devices. With the proliferation of 4K via the likes of Netflix, its offering is among the very best available for those who already own their smartphone and want access to the latest content in the best resolution.

SMARTY has carved a niche for itself as the only network which gives money off customers’ next bill if they don’t use all of their data allowance.

It continues to offer four budget deals: X Small at £6.25 a month for 1GB data, Small at £7.50 for 2GB, Medium at £10 for 4GB and Large at £15 for 8GB.

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