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iPhone 11 could charge Apple Watch and AirPods

Feature set to take cues from Galaxy S10’s Wireless PowerShare.

Apple’s next–generation iPhone 11 could come with the ability to wirelessly charge Apple Watches and AirPods, if a new report citing sources close to Apple’s supply chain is correct.

That means that users could potentially lay their Apple accessories on the back of the iPhone 11, using its in–built wireless charging plate to draw power when a quick fix is needed.

airpower and iphone xs

Such bidirectional charging is a core feature of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, both of which were revealed last month.

Samsung’s tech, called Wireless PowerShare, has been widely hailed, despite the fact that it can only offer minimal power to compatible devices.

Apple’s potential decision to offer similar smarts comes as no surprise. It has just launched new AirPods with a wireless charging case and is expected to finally put its AirPower charging mat on sale in the next few weeks, 18 months after it was first unveiled alongside the iPhone X.


While bidirectional charging might help Apple grab the headlines when the iPhone 11 launches later this year, it’s another charging function that’s likely to prove more popular in the long run.

The same report that unveiled Apple’s iPhone 11 wireless charging skills also claims that the handset will ship with its 18W USB charging brick. Already available with the iPad Pro and as a standalone accessory, this plug–in–the–wall charger offers rapid charging compared with the standard 5W power brick Apple offers with its current iPhone lineup.

Whether Apple includes such a charger remains to be seen. It may choose to continue charging extra for its 18W option and instead push the iPhone 11’s wireless credentials instead.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 11 in September 2019, although hints about the device may be dropped during its WWDC keynote, which takes place on 3rd June.



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