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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 renders show off Samsung’s next flagship phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 render

Is this how the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will look?

Samsung’s next flagship isn’t expected until August, but these renders speculate as to its design. They’re based on “preliminary information” – i.e. rumours and leaks – so take them with a pinch of salt.


Still, there’s plenty to like. They show a quad camera system arranged horizontally, much like that on Samsung’s S10 5G. That means it’ll have an extra 3D depth sensor over the S10 and S10 Plus.


There’s also a fingerprint scanner built into the screen (what’s known as ultrasonic, as opposed to the physical capitative ones found on most other smartphones).

This is a dead cert – Samsung debuted the tech on the S10, and it’s generally been very well received.

It means no need to shunt the scanner around the back somewhere where it’s awkward to find, and because it’s built into the screen it means the phone’s bezels can be slimmer, giving it a more attractive all-screen design.

It also works when your fingers are wet, unlike capacitative scanners.


The renders show the same Infinity O display as the S10 and S10 Plus, along with a dual front punch hole camera, just like the S10 Plus. Again, these are pretty likely given Samsung’s recent activity.


A punch hole camera is built into the screen, rather than housed in a bezel or an unsightly notch eating into the screen. The result? More screen space.

The S Pen stylus is housed in the bottom right, just like on the Note 9.


It’s early days for the Note 10 – it’s not expected to be announced until late summer. But these renders give us plenty to get excited about.



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