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Apple readying two 5G iPhones for release in 2020

Analyst claims 2020 iPhone range will come in different sizes to current models.

Apple will release two 5G iPhones in 2020, both of which will arrive in different sizes compared with existing iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models and the forthcoming iPhone 11 range.

That’s the claim made by analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who has a strong track record when it comes to making predictions about Apple’s plans.

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He believes that Apple will release 5.4–inch and 6.7–inch 5G iPhones in late 2020. The iPhone XS clocks in at 5.8–inches and the iPhone XS Max at 6.5–inches.

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These handsets will be backed up by a 6.1–inch model with 4G capabilities, a successor to the current iPhone XR.

Qualcomm is believed to be making Apple’s 5G modems, in the wake of the California tech giant’s decision to end its legal dispute with the component manufacturer. Intel had originally been slated to be its main 5G supplier.

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Kuo reckons that all iPhones will offer 5G from 2021, with Apple making its own 5G tech from the following year.

Apple’s decision not to release a 5G iPhone in 2019 is not surprising. It has a history of waiting for infrastructure to become more mainstream before updating its internal specs. The original iPhone did not feature 3G, much to many consumers’ frustration.

However, with 5G networks already going live across the UK, Apple may live to regret its delay. Samsung, OnePlus and Oppo all have 5G phones available, while EE, Vodafone and Three have all either launched or announced launch dates for their 5G networks.

5G offers up to 20 times the speed of 4G, but is set to be the preserve of major cities for some years. A wider rollout is expected over the next few years.



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