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Get money off a new phone with Clubcard Vouchers on Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile extends scheme which already allows for money off monthly bills.

Tesco Mobile has announced that it will now accept Clubcard vouchers towards the cost of buying a new handset.

The move comes a month after the O2–backed network revealed that the same vouchers could be used towards a customer’s monthly mobile bill.

What’s more, those using Clubcard vouchers towards a new phone will see the value of their points double. That means 200 points are now worth £4, rather than £2 for those who want a new device.

Which network offers the best perks?

In order to earn points, Tesco Mobile simply need to do their shopping at Tesco and use their Clubcard, before receiving Clubcard vouchers. They can then head to the Clubcard website or app and simply turn these into a Tesco Mobile Partner voucher worth twice the value. 

“Customers love having the very latest handsets and we want to make them as affordable as possible with our exciting new ways to save. Clubcard customers can now access even more brilliant savings and pay less for the latest phone, with every shop at Tesco adding up to savings at Tesco Mobile,” said Claire Lorains, CEO of Tesco Mobile.

This latest development adds to an impressive array of perks already offered by Tesco Mobile. Pay as you go customers can get three times they amount that they top up for free every month, with extra credit lasting for a month in total. Those with more than one contract on their account for a family member get a free monthly perk, including extra data, additional minutes, Clubcard points and money off their bill. Customers can also earn Clubcard points for every pound they spend on their mobile. These can be used towards paying for grocers or with partners such as Pizza Express and RED Driving School.

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