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Honor hail #SwitchedOn youth

Evolving Mural

Young smartphone users are creative, connected and entrepreneurial, according to new research conducted by tech brand Honor.

In a bid to challenge negative perceptions, smartphone maker Honor has conducted some research into views on smartphone use, and ended up with some interesting results.

Using OnePoll, 2,000 Brits were quizzed on a number of topics relating to smartphone use, and a big disconnect emerged between the older and younger generations.

The survey found that 41% of the older generation, those aged 45+, felt that smartphone use is having a negative impact on the lives of 18-24 year olds - Gen Z. However, in stark contrast, 62% of Gen Z said that smartphone use has a positive effect on their lives.

With younger people living increasingly digital lives, changes in communication, culture and even business have also emerged. The results show that 95% of Gen-Z use photography to communicate with each other, 50% of 18-24 year olds discover musicians and artists directly through their smartphone and 41% earn money through business ventures they couldn’t do without their mobile phone.

To highlight these findings and celebrate the creativity of Gen Z, Honor has partnered with street art team Graffiti Kings, to create a 30ft a mural on in East London’s Shoreditch. On display to the public now, this piece of street art shows how Gen Z are actually using their smartphone, versus some of the misconceptions.

Olivier Dobo, Honor UK Marketing Director, said: “Our research shows that young people are getting more out of their smartphones than any previous generation, and we’re proud to help them continue to do so. Phones like our new Honor 20 Pro mean young people can start to change their world as easily as they change the track they’re listening to, so the fact that so many of Gen Z are embracing the opportunities smartphones offer is really great to see.”

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