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EE announces latest iPhone 11 deals

Choose from iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro deals.
iPhone 11 (hero)

EE has launched its pre-order iPhone 11 deals for all three of Apple’s new iPhone models. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max aren’t available in stores just yet, but you can pre-order yours now and be one of the first to have it in hand come September 20th.

This year, Apple is offering extensive discounts for customers who trade in their current handset. This means that the upfront cost varies wildly depending on what model you currently have and if you plan to swap it for some substantial discount off your shiny new iPhone 11.

EE iPhone 11 deals

iPhone 11 deals on EE start from £48 per month for their Essential Plan which will include 500MB of data. However, this does come with a hefty £200 phone cost.

What looks to be the best-selling EE iPhone 11 deal will be the EE 4GEEE Essential Plan, which offers customers unlimited data with no speed restriction and just £10 upfront.

For just a few pounds more per month, EE is giving customers what they call “Swappable Benefits” as add-on bonuses to include in their subscription packages. These include access to Amazon Prime Video and BT Sport, as well as streaming data passes for music, video, games and roaming.

EE iPhone 11 Pro deals

Both the iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max are available to pre-order on EE as well, with their prices starting from £65 and £70 per month respectively. The larger and more-powerful handsets offer their incredible triple-camera system and lightning-fast processing speeds, so if you’re looking for a pro performance form your iPhone then these are the models you’ll want.

Again, EE’s best selling iPhone plan is their Essential plan with unlimited data. You can also mix and match different options, swapping out unlimited data for a slightly lower price and a choice of “Swappable Benefits” to choose from.

iPhone 11 higher capacity

All these deals come with 64GB of storage. The iPhone 11 is also available with 128GB and 256GB of storage starting from £69 and £74 per month respectively.

Not surprisingly, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have greater storage capacity options, jumping from the initial 64GB to 256GB and 512GB and bumping up the monthly price by £10 and £15.

The new iPhone is also available for EE Small Business Customers on a wide range of plans. As an example, customers can get iPhone 11 for £51 per month, plus £50 upfront with unlimited data.

With a wide range of new stylish colours and finishes to choose from, there are innumerable different combinations of iPhone to choose from on EE. Better hurry up and choose yours before they’re all gone.

Check out EE's iPhone 11 deals.

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