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O2 offer huge flexibility in their latest iPhone 11 deals

Flexible data, contract length and upfront cost
iPhone 11 pro (hero)

The latest and greatest iPhone is on its way to shops around the country as we speak, but if you can’t quite wait then you can pre-order your swanky new handset now from O2 so that you can pick it up bright and early on Friday 20th September.

Whether you’re excited to shoot 4K videos, take slow-motion selfies, or just want one of the snazzy new colours, the iPhone 11 series is an amazing range of phones.

The iPhone 11 is available for pre-order from O2 on a number of different tariffs with the option to toggle how much data you need, how long you want your contract to be, and how much you’re able to pay upfront.

Want to know more? Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone 11 series.

Pay for your iPhone 11 upfront

Whether you choose to pay for your iPhone 11 (or Pro or Pro Max) upfront, the total cost of the device remains the same. The cheapest monthly tariff will then be available to those customers that choose to pay a higher price for their phone upfront.

The iPhone 11 costs £730, the iPhone 11 Pro £1080 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs £1190.

O2 data plans for iPhone 11

Each iPhone 11 plan also comes with the option to select how much monthly data to include, ranging from 5GB to unlimited data.

The cheapest iPhone 11 deal from O2

O2 iPhone 11 deals start from around £26 per month for each model (£26.11 for iPhone, £26.27 for iPhone Pro, and £26.09 for iPhone Pro Max). Of course, this includes paying for your phone upfront and taking a 36-month contract with just 5GB of data per month.

Each iPhone model is also available with differing amounts of storage capacity, with the above prices given for models with 64GB capacity. The iPhone 11 is also available with 128GB and 256GB, while the Pro models come with up to 512GB of storage capacity.

Each boost in storage will add on between £1 to £10 per month.

Take a look at O2's iPhone 11 deals.

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