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Honor updates its line-up with the 9X

Honor 9X preview - hero

Honor has surprised us in the past two years with consistently good releases that carry the same Huawei technology at bargain prices, and the new Honor 9X is the latest in its large-screen X series.

Honor has a record of bold colours and gorgeous glass constructions and the 9X is no different. You'll find the same translucent, multilayered glass we have seen on both the Honor 20 and View 20 series but this time the effect is of a kaleidoscope of blue-to-turquoise segments that come together in an "X" as the light changes.

It may not have the premium feel of the 20 PRO, but it's still a gorgeous piece of engineering. If you want your gadget with a bit of playful glitz, there is no other brand like Honor.

There is not a lot we are allowed to reveal but expect a massive screen in a still practical size and a high-specs camera which, on paper, should rival the top of the range Huawei P30 Pro.

But you may be thinking: "what about Android?". We can confirm that the Honor 9X will ship with Android 9 and Honor UK has reassured us that this device will receive all Android updates and security patches as they become available.

Honor also announced the release of two new products that will join their current accessory line-up.

The first one is a "Sport" version of their well received Smartband 5 fitness tracker. honor-earphones Comfortable to wear and easy to setup and charge, these Honor earphones are one of the best options for a second pair that lives in your kit bag

The Honor Band 5 Sport will come with a recycled plastic strap and a removable body that can be worn on your shoes to track things like cadence, posture and landing impact. What's more, it will cost even less than the incredibly low-priced Honor Band 5, which at a retail price of around £30, is already one of the best value for money fitness trackers out there.

The other gadget aimed at fitness enthusiasts is Honor Sport Pro Bluetooth Earphones. These wireless earpieces come in an easy-wear rubberised collar, a magnetic clasp that keeps them out of the way when they're not in use and can be plugged in straight in your phone for a super-fast, 5 minute charge.

They are also extremely easy to setup with any Honor and Huawei phones. Instead of using the fiddly, and often frustratingly slow Android Bluetooth options, you can just plug them in the charging port of your Honor device and the pairing will happen in seconds.

When it comes to audio quality, Honor claims it will deliver deep bass and an impressively low latency which would make them ideal for gamers. Convenience, ease of use and an incredibly low retail price are what makes them worth a good look.

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