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Cyber Monday phone deals 2019

Whether you want a new iPhone, a Samsung or a cheap SIM deal, we've got great Cyber Monday offers.
Cyber Monday Uswitch phone deals hero image

Cyber Monday, Black Friday's cooler counterpart, is officially here. And with it, a huge range of special offers on phone contracts, SIM deals and the latest handsets.

If you've never heard of Cyber Monday before, it's a day filled with online exclusive offers. Which in the world of SIMs and smartphones can mean money off, freebies and extra data.

So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your iPhone or you're planning to get a cheap SIM-only contract, now's a great time to do it.

And luckily for you, we've trawled the internet to bring you our pick of the best smartphone and SIM deals on the market this Cyber Monday.

All deals are correct at time of writing.

iPhone Cyber Monday deals

iPhones hero image

iPhones are normally a pretty expensive purchase. But this Cyber Monday, there are lots of great offers to be had on Apple's latest handsets. Whether you're after the latest iPhone 11 Pro or you want a decent deal on last year's model, we've got lots of Cyber Monday bargains that'll bag you a new handset along with plenty of data at a better price than you'd normally find.

Better still, we've done all the deal-searching already and have scoped out our pick of the best iPhone Cyber Monday deals around.

iPhone 11 Cyber Monday deals

iPhone 11 (hero)

Get Apple's latest iPhone at a bargain price this Cyber Monday.

One of our favourite offers is from Three. It bags you a whopping 100GB monthly data allowance along with unlimited calls and texts for just £40 a month with nothing to pay upfront.

Or pick up the iPhone 11 on EE for just £36 a month plus £129.99 upfront. You'll also get a huge 75GB monthly data allowance, which you'll be hard pressed to run out of.

O2 has also got a good deal for the iPhone 11. Get the iPhone 11 with 45GB of data for only £35 per month and £119 upfront.

If you didn't plan on shelling out a lot for the phone upfront, there's a great Cyber Monday bargain coming your way courtesy of ID Mobile. You'll get an iPhone 11, 5GB of data for just £37.99 a month and just £49.99 upfront.

iPhone 11 Pro Cyber Monday deals

iPhone 11 pro (hero)

Fancy upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro? There are Cyber Monday offers waiting for you.

Three is leading the way the with some seriously good deals. One of the best gets you 100GB data every month, unlimited calls and texts with £55 to pay a month with and only £49 upfront.

If even 100GB will be used up by your heavy smartphoning, O2 has your back with an unlimited data deal as well as unlimited messages and minutes for just £65 a month and zero costs upfront.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Cyber Monday deals

iPhone 11 Pro camera (hero)

Alternatively, get the best iPhone available for the same deal as above (£65 a month for unlimited data, calls and texts) and only £174.99 to pay upfront.

Or, if you want to pay less upfront, this Three deal costs £60 a month with £49 upfront. This'll get you a huge monthly allowance of 100GB plus unlimited messages and minutes.

If you want unlimited day with nothing to pay upfront grab this £68 per month Vodafone offer.

iPhone XR Cyber Monday deals

iPhone XR all colourways hero size

This Cyber Monday, don't forget about the iPhone XR, it's still one one of the best smartphones you can buy.

Its currently available on Three with a massive 100GB of data for only £34 a month and nothing to pay upfront. Want less data? Pick up the iPhone XR on EE with an exclusive Uswitch deal. You'll get 50GB of data for £33 a month and only £45 to pay upfront.

This O2 offer gets you unlimited calls and texts with 30GB for £30 per month and £99.99 to pay upfront. You'll qualify for O2 Priority benefits too, so you can enjoy pre-sale tickets for events at O2 venues and other freebies

There are also some top Black Friday deals from the good people at giffgaff. Grab an iPhone XR for just £549. It comes with a giffgaff SIM, but you're

iPhone XS Cyber Monday deals

iPhone XS silver camera detail front and back

The iPhone XS cost a fair few pounds when it originally came out last year. But with Cyber Monday deals available now, you can save a bit of money on this excellent smartphone.

EE's offer gives you 75GB of data each month as well as unlimited calls and texts for just £46 a month and nothing to pay upfront.

There's also a really good iD Mobile which comes with unlimited data, messages and minutes for £59.99 a month plus £149.99 upfront.

iPhone XS Max Cyber Monday deals

iPhone XS Max app tray

Last year's ultra-premium iPhone is still one of the best handsets around. And thanks to Black Friday, there are some great offers on the best iPhone of 2019.

We especially like this O2 deal that gets you a whopping 160GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts for £59 a month with nothing to pay upfront.

Or, if you don't want to pay for quite that much data, you can get the iPhone XS Max on EE for £56 a month with no upfront costs. That'll get you an impressive 100GB of data plus unlimited messages and minutes.

iPhone 8 Cyber Monday deals

three iphone 8

Although it's not the newest model on the market, the iPhone 8 is still a great phone. And this Black Friday, there are some excellent offers.

For just £29 a month, you can get the iPhone 8 plus a monthly allowance of 24GB and unlimited calls and texts. That's on EE, the UK's fastest network.

Alternatively, if you power through data, you might want to consider iD Mobile's iPhone 8 deal that comes with unlimited data, calls and texts. This'll cost you £44.99 a month with nothing to pay upfront.

Samsung Galaxy Cyber Monday deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus front cameras

Samsung Galaxy phones are still the gold standard of Android handsets. And right now, there are some great Cyber Monday contract deals on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Cyber Monday deals


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is still one of the best handsets on the market. And this Cyber Monday, there are lots of excellent offers to help make this phone a whole lot more affordable.

We really like this deal on EE that gets you 75GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts for just £36 a month.

Or, if you want more data than that, you can get the same phone on Three for £40 a month with no upfront fees. That'll get you 100GB of data every month along with inclusive texts and calls.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Cyber Monday deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus pack shot hero size

If you want to go for the bigger, better version, there are still some great Cyber Monday deals to be found.

EE's deal is especially good as it comes with a huge 50GB of monthly data along with unlimited minutes and texts for just £33 a month plus £149 upfront.

Or if data is all that matters to you, you can get a monthly allowance of 120GB with O2 for £43 a month and no upfront costs.

Samsung Galaxy A20e Cyber Monday deals


If you want a new Samsung Galaxy phone without paying a premium price, the A20e is a great shout.

This weekend, giffgaff has it on offer for just £109. And while it comes with a giffgaff SIM, you're not tied into a contract so you can shop around for a cheap SIM deal.

ID Mobile also has a decent option for the Samsung Galaxy A20e. It's available for only £11.99 a month with no upfront cost. You'll get 500MB of data too.

Huawei phones Cyber Monday deals

Huawei P30 packshot colourways camera lenses hero size

Although Huawei has been having some issues lately, the company still makes some of the best handsets around.

And for Black Friday, you can get a Huawei P30 for just £399 from giffgaff. Again, you'll get a giffgaff SIM with it, but because it's not on contract, you don't have to stay with giffgaff if you find a better deal elsewhere.

Or get the Huawei P30 Lite for just £23.99 and nothing upfront from iD Mobile. In terms of data, you'll have 8GB to play with so thats plenty for all your everyday uses.

Want to see more? Check out all our Cyber Monday mobile phone deals.

Cyber Monday SIM only deals

The dust has settled, the madness has calmed - Black Friday is over. But, there’s still time to grab some excellent deals thanks to Cyber Monday.



Three is offering an unmissable SIM only deal for Cyber Monday. You get a massive 8GB of data for just £8. So that's a digital haul for all your daily data needs. Stream, scroll and snap to your heart’s content for less than ten pounds a month.

If you use your smartphone more than most and need a bit more data Three has an offer for you too. You can bump your data up to 12GB and pay just £10 a month.

ID Mobile

iD Mobile logo

There are more spectacular SIM-only offers coming your way from ID Mobile. There’s a big deal offering 20GB of data with only £14 to pay per month which is a great option for heavy duty users.

If even heavy duty usage doesn’t cover you, there’s another choice that will suit. For £23 a month ID Mobile will give you unlimited data, so no matter how many songs you stream, dramas you download or socials you share - you’ll never run out.

After a package somewhere in between those two? Pay less than £20 a month and still pick up 50GB of data with this £18 deal from ID Mobile.

Alternatively, if you don’t really need much data at all nor do you want to spend much money, this 2GB for £6 deal could be perfect.

Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile logo

The Sky’s the limit this Cyber Monday. Sky Mobile has slashed one of its best deals in half so you can grab 3GB of data for only £6 a month.

This deal will run out soon so don’t waste any time.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile logo hero size

Virgin Mobile is ready for Cyber Monday too, with a cracking deal with a load of data for you to play with. Get downloading with 50GB for just £19 a month, Virgin Mobile has also thrown in unlimited texts and 5000 minutes.

Or go for a smaller data plan and save some pounds. Virgin Mobile also has a 10GB for £10 deal that’s an excellent bargain.

Plusnet Mobile

Plusnet Mobile

Plusnet is offering some decent Cyber Monday deals too.

Best of the batch it this amazing offer sorting you out with a massive 20GB of data for only £15 a month, you also get unlimited calls and texts. There’s no long commitment either so you can sign out after 30 days if you wish.

If you’re not big on social media and only use data from time to time, Plusnet has you covered with a bargain deal for 2GB with just £6.50 a month to pay.

Or go somewhere in between and grab 10GB for £10 a month with unlimited calls and texts. With this offer, if you’re an existing Plusnet broadband customer you’ll also get 2GB absolutely free.

Lebara Mobile

Lebara Mobile logo hero image

If you make a lot of international calls Lebara may be the best option. And with this Uswitch exclusive SIM-only Cyber Monday offer you get 5GB a month for a great price of £7.95 per month. It’s loaded up with international minutes so get calling.

Cyber Monday SIM free deals

iPhone XS vs XR review 1

There are loads of benefits of buying a new handset outright. For one thing, if you've got the money to buy a new phone upfront, you'll end up spending less over the course of two years as providers won't be charging you interest on the handset.

And of course that also leaves you free to find a really competitive SIM only deal that could see you paying less than £10 a month for plenty of data, calls and texts.

But while buying a new handset outright sounds expensive, there are some great deals available this Cyber Monday. And we've put together a list of our favourites, including a deal that gets you hundreds of pounds off a new iPhone.

All deals are correct at time of writing.

iPhone XS Max - Was: £1,449.00. Now: £999

iPhone XS Max app tray hero size

Finally, if you just want to save a bit of cash on one of the best smartphones money can buy, opt for this deal for an iPhone XS Max. With a lavish 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED display, it’s got one of the best screens seen on a smartphone. It takes fantastic photos in all sorts of styles, it’s smooth, it’s fast and on top of all that, it's got the classic Apple design and premium build that always stands out.

Apple iPhone XS - Was: £1,149. Now: £849

iPhone Xs homescreen hero size

One of the best deals we’ve found is undoubtedly this Amazon offer for an excellent iPhone XS. It may not be the brand new iPhone, but the iPhone XS is still a powerhouse of a smartphone.

With the latest iPhones costing over £1,000, the iPhone XS at £849 is a deal that might be too good to pass up.

Specs wise, the XS matches up incredibly well against the new iPhone 11 Pro. it’s got a bright and clear 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display. Elsewhere, there's a very good 12MP camera on the back, with 7MPs taking your selfies with all those fancy effects like 'bokeh' blurry backgrounds. The iPhone XS even supports wireless charging. And it’s fully compatible with the latest iOS 13 too.

Apple iPhone 8 - Was: £749. Now £566.10

iphone 8 plus waterproof

Don't need a top of the range iPhone but still want an iOS device in your life? Look no further than this iPhone 8 reduced to a very affordable £566.10 - that's half the price of the latest iPhone 11 Pro. At 4.7-inches this is also very much a phone that fits in your pocket, so it's perfect for someone who finds the new style of super-sized screens a bit cumbersome.

iPhone 7 - Was: £549. Now: £429

Black Friday iPhone 7

If don't want to spend a lot but still need an Apple smartphone, pick up an iPhone 7 for just £429. The iPhone 7 is still very much a fantastic device, it’s got a 4.7-inch HD Retina display that’s great for social and scrolling. Camera wise, it’ll take great photos with 12MP, and you can even record in 4K.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Harman-Kardon ONYX Speaker. Was £799.07, now £509.00

This is a cracking deal. Not only do you get a superb smartphone in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S9 but you also get a brilliant Harman-Kadron speaker too. The Galaxy S9 has a fantastic camera that switches between photography styles to give you versatile results. And with the Harmon-Kadron speaker you can turn your s9 into a portable music player.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Harman-Kardon ONYX Speaker. Was £630.05, now £399

Get the big screen Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a Harman-Kadron ONYX Speaker for just £399. The Galaxy Note 8 boasts a 6.3-inch screen and a S-Pen for that stylus smartphone experience. And with the speaker included you can enjoy music with quality audio.

Samsung A80 - Was: £579. Now: £479


The Samsung A80 stands out with its innovative camera. There’s no front camera taking up space on the screen, instead the rear camera swivels round when you want to snap a selfie. And with no front camera the display is maxed out, so there are no interruptions when you’re streaming, scrolling and socialising on the Infinity display.

It’s got a huge battery too, so this is a smartphone you won’t have to worry about charging three times a day.

Samsung Galaxy A8 - Black. Was £599, now £269


Had your eye on a Samsung Galaxy A8? Well now's the time to grab one as there's a spectacular discount available. At £259 it's a total steal, even if you're not after a smartphone right now this would make an excellent Christmas present.

Huawei Mate 20X 5G - Was: £999. Now: £799


Next up we’ve found a super deal from Huawei, and this one’s for the person who needs the latest tech. The Mate 20X is 5G compatible, so as long as you sign up to a 5G plan, you can get blisteringly fast download speeds that put 4G to shame.

From super smooth web scrolling to unbelievably fast 4K UHD video loading, and downloads in the blink of an eye, 5G really has the potential to change your smartphone life, and with this offer you can get involved with a fantastic saving.

The Mate 20X is no slouch in other departments either. It’s got a massive 7.2-inch OLED screen that’s brilliant for watching content, and its 40MP camera takes jaw-dropping photos.

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom - Was: £699. Now: £459


Another top smartphone is the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom, and you can grab it with a big discount. It’s got a gorgeous 6.6-inch screen that’s built for streaming shows and paying games. And with Dolby Atmos audio, the sound quality matches the picture. The screen is totally uninterrupted too, thanks to the unique ‘shark fin’ pop-up selfie camera.

As the name suggests, the rear camera is all about zoom. Zoom in on details and retain crystal clear quality thanks to 10x optical zoom.

OPPO RX17 Pro - Was: £449. Now: £249

Oppo Rx17 Pro

If you’re after a smartphone that’s got great features but doesn’t cost a wad of cash, the OPPO RX17 is a great shout, and with a saving of £200 it’s even more affordable than ever. This device is almost all screen, with only a tiny dewdrop camera getting in the way of fantastic content viewing.

Its double rear camera snaps up to 20MP and the front camera takes 25MP selfies with added beauty features to make your snaps instantly shareable - this smartphone could be a great gift for a teenager.

Nokia 9 PureView - Was: £549. Now: £345

Nokia 9 Pureview hero official

Another great cut-price option is the Nokia 9 PureView. Everyone’s favourite classic mobile maker has been releasing some excellent smartphones, and the Nokia 9 PureView has a 6-inch screen and five cameras on the back. It’s incredibly thin and light too. This could also be a good Christmas present.

Google Pixel 4. Save £70


Google are getting involved with Cyber Monday too - they’ve slashed the prices of the brand new Pixel series by £70. You can get the Pixel 4 with 64GB storage for just £599 or the Pixel 4 XL with 64GB storage for £759.

Honor 20 Pro - Was: £549. Now: £449

Honor has put out some early deals with brilliant savings on some of their most popular, and well reviewed, handsets.

Honor 20 Pro screen white wall

Save £100 on the superb Honor 20 Pro and grab it for just £449. This smartphone is laden with specs including an amazing 48MP camera.

Honor 20 Lite - Was: £249. Now: £179.95

Honor 20 Lite Hero

Or get the Honor 20 Lite for a bargain-tastic price of only £199. A brilliant low-budget option, the Honor 20 Lite could be a great gift.

So there are some great deals. Take your pick and grab a bargain. All deals are correct at time of writing.

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