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Nokia 2720 flips into view

The latest flip phone is available now.

Nokia has joined in on the flip-phone revival with its latest handset release - the Nokia 2720.

2019 saw a return of the flip-themed handset designs that were hugely popular before the smartphone revolution. In a bid to merge classic flip phones with modern day smartphones Samsung revealed the impressive half-tablet/half smartphone Galaxy Fold, and Motorola unveiled the revamped flip razr.

While the aforementioned flip devices were premium handsets with eye-watering price tags and strictly for top tier techheads,, Nokia are aiming to bring the flip phone back to everyday consumers with the 2720.

The Nokia 2720 has a classic ‘clamshell’ design and it’s not out to make a huge dent in the smartphone market, it's more of a simpler device with a cheerful price tag to match - it’s only £89.99.

People are getting increasingly concerned by the sheer amount of time they spend on their smartphones, and a ‘digital detox’ has been mentioned on many 2020 new year resolutions lists.

The beauty of the Nokia 2720 is that it still gives you access to some of your most vital daily apps, without needing to access a fully-fledged smartphone, so it’s ideal if you want to take a bit of time off from the screen.

The Nokia 2720 comes with WhatsApp, Facebook and Google Maps preloaded, so you can stay in touch with friends and family, update your status and get essential directions. It’s a really good option for kids and older people too.

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