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  5. Samsung reveals the Galaxy Z Fold 2

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Samsung reveals the Galaxy Z Fold 2

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Samsung Unpacked saw the Korean tech giant unveil its latest Galaxy Note series, but it also showed off another phone that will no doubt generate a lot of interest - the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

It is of course an updated version of last year’s Galaxy Fold, complete with a bigger display, better camera and sleeker design. The original Fold was certainly an exciting smartphone, but its delayed release and clear flaws meant it was more of a collector’s item than a legitimate mass market release. Samsung has clearly put a lot of effort into the Z Fold 2, as it looks like it’s improved in almost every way.

One of the Fold’s big issues was the small, and relatively useless, external display on the outer section of the phone. Sure, when closed you could check the time and read messages, but it didn’t really do anything else.

The new Galaxy Z Fold 2 rights this wrong with a 6.2-inch screen spreads out across the whole of the front of the phone. The unfolded screen is bigger too, at 7.6-inches it’s even closer to a tablet than its predecessor.

The internal OLED screen also steps things up a notch with an 120Hz refresh rate, for super smooth scrolling.

Another improvement comes in the shape of ultra thin flexible glass for the folding screen, doing away with the plastic screen of the original Fold that was prone to damage and wear.

The new Z Fold is thinner and less clunkier than the original divice too, so it should be easier to operate and carry around. Samsung has giv en the folding hinge an overhaul too, giving it greater durability and including a ‘sweeper’ feature which uses elastic fibres to protect the screen by wiping away dust and debris.

Samsung said: “After releasing two foldable devices and listening to user feedback on the most requested upgrades and new features, Samsung unveils the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with meaningful innovations that offer users enhanced refinements and unique foldable user experiences.”

Samsung hasn’t set a release date for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and will instead reveal more details in a separate dedicated event on the 1st September. However we do know that the smartphone will be released in three colours - Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black and a yet-to-be-revealed limited edition version. Stay tuned for more info.

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