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  5. Vodafone launches new iPhone trade-in scheme

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Vodafone launches new iPhone trade-in scheme

Brits miss out on £6.9 billion by not trading in their old phones
iPhone 12 mini back blue

Brits with an iPhone X or above could be saving a whopping £360 on a 24-month contract when they sign up for an iPhone 12 deal with Vodafone. Just by trading in their old handset.

Vodafone customers can trade in their iPhone X, XS, XS MAX or XR when upgrading to an iPhone 12 and they'll get a guaranteed saving of £15 a month. Which will save them a whopping £360 in total across a 24 month contract.

Vodafone's new trade-in tool, available through the My Vodafone app, tells customers instantly whether their old iPhone has passed the trade-in checks while the device is still in their hand. And, once the handset has been sent back to Vodafone, the £15 monthly saving will appear on their first bill.

Customers who have an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus will get a guaranteed saving of £5 a month.

Want to get the new iPhone 12 on Vodafone? Here are Vodafone's iPhone 12 pre-order offers.

As the iPhone 12 gets set to launch its pre-orders, many punters will begin flocking to find the best contracts, offers and freebies. This isn’t a surprise as the iPhone is after all a pricey piece of kit and as a nation, we love the feeling of getting value for money.

What is a surprise is that, despite loving a bargain, most consumers not only don’t know the value of their handsets, but never even try to cash them in.

While promoting its new trade-in programme, Vodafone has revealed that 25% of people surveyed expressed concerns about security and privacy.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, Vodafone has said an estimated 4.7 million people have confessed to throwing an old handset in the bin.

With millions of pounds’ worth of equipment literally being thrown away, it’s clear people are unaware of the value of their old handsets.

In the survey conducted with 2,000 people, YouGov found that almost a third of respondents (28%) thought that an iPhone X was now worth under £100. Vodafone, meanwhile, puts the average market value of the X at a much more impressive “£220”.

To help with this, Vodafone is launching a new trade in option as part of its app. And it’s also appointed a Chief Trade-in Officer. You might recognise Michelle Ackerley as a presenter from Watchdog and The One Show. When asked about her new role, Ackerley said:

“I want to make sure everyone knows how much money they could be saving, and that everyone gets what they’ve been promised. I want to help customers upgrade to the latest tech at a much more affordable price than they might think is possible.”

The new trade-in option is set to go live on Friday 16th October. The tool can be found on the MyVodafone app and is designed to give a “guaranteed saving” on a new device.

The service launches ahead of the new iPhone series pre-order and is no doubt intended to help customers trade in their old Apple device for that new shiny 12. Currently the setup is only for those trading in an iPhone handset. But never fear, Android users: non-Apple devices are set to be added later. Non-Vodafone customers are entitled to participate and can do so by downloading the app.

Those wishing to hand over their old phone should ensure it’s in working condition. To be more specific, Vodafone asks that it must:

  • Power on to the home screen
  • Have no more than three scratches or cracks and if there are any scratches or cracks, these can be no longer than 10mm
  • The touchscreen is fully functional

To give you an idea of how much your old iPhone could be worth, here’s a list of Vodafone’s average trade-in value for some of its most popular devices:

  • iPhone 8 64GB £133.33
  • iPhone 7 32GB £75.33
  • Galaxy S9 £141
  • iPhone XR 64GB £254
  • iPhone 8+ 64GB £159.67
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