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Black Friday shoppers willing to queue online for an hour to save £200

We take a closer look at Britain’s Black Friday shopping habits.
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New research shows a quarter of Brits would be willing to queue for an hour online to bag themselves a Black Friday bargain.

The poll conducted by Opinium found that 24% of online shoppers would be prepared to wait in a virtual queue for 65 minutes in order to save £200.

With the UK in its second national lockdown of 2020, this year’s Black Friday will take place online. So, rather than shoppers queuing outside department stores, consumers will likely find themselves stuck in virtual queues instead.

And because there’ll be no waiting outside in the cold to bag a cut-price telly or discounted laptop this year, we’ll be able to fill our time much more pleasantly while we wait for those online discounts.

Many people will take advantage of the fact they are working from home, with one in six (17%) saying they will wait in online queues while on the job. A fifth of consumers (18%) will practice yoga or exercise at home while they sit in a virtual queue, while almost three in ten people (29%) will play games on their phone, and 15% have said they will laze in bed while they shop.

The study commissioned by Uswitch also showed that 46% of adult consumers plan to take part in Black Friday this year.

83% of shoppers will be visiting large retail websites, while 38% plan to buy from independent stores.

In the frenzy to make a good purchase, we can often fall victim to buyer's remorse. The study found that 40% have later been disappointed by a purchase. But only 14% would go to the trouble of returning their product.

Uswitch has compiled a top 10 most wished for items ahead of the big day:

  1. iPhone 12
  2. Playstation 5
  3. Amazon Echo Dot
  4. Xbox Series X
  5. Robot vacuum cleaner
  6. Nintendo Switch
  7. Apple AirPods
  8. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  9. Smart TV
  10. Wireless headphones

Uswitch’s resident Black Friday expert Catherine Hiley said: “Black Friday is likely to feel more like Cyber Monday this year for millions of shoppers, most of whom will find themselves browsing for bargains online.

“The rush online raises the spectre of shoppers having to wait in virtual queues, and most consumers would be willing to spend more than an hour in line for a £200 discount.

“If you spot something appealing on the day, stick to your budget so you don’t find yourself regretting a purchase like the whopping 40% of people who admit that has happened to them.

“With online queues looking increasingly likely for 2020, use the time wisely and keep an eye on social media for any deals you may have missed. Stay alert, and don’t let your place in the queue be timed out.”

Black Friday is on 27 November and we'll have lots of great Black Friday offers on handsets, SIM cards and broadband packages. Keep checking back with us for all our latest deals.

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