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Black Friday SIM only deals

Black Friday is a great time to snap up a cheap SIM.
Black Friday SIM only deals

Black Friday has arrived! It’s that magical time of year when you can get big savings on all sorts of exciting products. Whether you want a new smartphone, a bigger TV or even just a SIM only deal with more data, Black Friday is the time to shop and save.

And if it is a SIM only deal you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. To save you the hassle of searching through websites and sifting through deals, we’ve got a selection of our best SIM only deals from the likes of Vodafone, BT, SMARTY and more.

Vodafone Black Friday SIM only deals

iphone deals on Vodafone

Vodafone plans have a lot to offer. Depending on which tariff you choose, you can get inclusive roaming, access to the VeryMe rewards app and 5G speeds for no extra cost.

And right now, Vodafone has some fantastic Black Friday deals that'll help you get lots of data without breaking the bank.

Vodafone SIM only Black Friday 3GB for £6

Want a cheap data SIM? This deal bags you 3GB of monthly data plus unlimited calls and texts for just £6 a month. And remember, 3GB of data is plenty for a lot of people. So if you're often connected to Wi-Fi but you want to be able to check your emails and social media on the go, this might be the deal for you.

EE Black Friday SIM only deals


EE is the UK's fastest network. And just in case fast speeds aren't enough of an incentive, EE also offers free subscriptions to Apple Music and BT Sport.

Three Black Friday SIM only deals


Three is one of the most popular networks in the UK. And right now, Three has some fantastic Black Friday offers.

Three SIM only Black Friday deal- unlimited data for £16 a month

Fed up of running out of data? Well, this unlimited data plan means you'll never again get that dreaded notification saying you're running low. And it only costs £16 a month, which is really good value. It's a 5G plan too, so if you've got a 5G smartphone you can enjoy 5G speeds on your mobile for no extra cost.

SMARTY Black Friday SIM only deals

Smarty logo hero image

SMARTY is the network for people who are big on data, offering huge data deals at very reasonable prices. Check out these Black Friday deals and get the ideal SIM only deal.

SMARTY SIM only 50GB for £12

This SMARTY deal gets you a whole load of data for just £12. That’s more than enough data for most people. Get this deal today.

SMARTY SIM only unlimited data for £15

Need even more data? Well you’ll never run out of unlimited data. And for just £15 a month, this is a pretty unbeatable deal.

Smarty SIM only 10GB for £7

Maybe you don't need a huge amount of data? This 10GB deal is perfect for mid-level users. And at less than £10 it’s a massive bargain.

Virgin Mobile Black Friday SIM only deals

Virgin Mobile logo hero size

Virgin Mobile has a big selection of SIM only Black Friday deals to choose from.

Virgin Mobile SIM only 36GB for £13

With this deal, you get a huge heap of data for a supremely low cost - just £13 for 36GB. That’s plenty for all your browsing, posting and social needs.

Virgin Mobile SIM only 3GB for £6

If you don’t need a huge amount of data and want to drastically cut your costs, this deal is the one for you.

Virgin Mobile SIM only 8GB for £8

If you need a little more data but still don’t want to pay more than a tenner, get this excellent 8GB for £8 deal.

Virgin Mobile SIM only 50GB for £16

Want a lot of data? Virgin Mobile has the perfect deal. Get a huge 50GB for just £16.

Virgin Mobile SIM only 100GB for £20

And if you need even more data you’ll have a hard time running out of 100GB. And for only £20, you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal too.

VOXI Black Friday SIM only deals

Voxi logo

VOXI is the network for people who love social media. In fact, any data used on social media doesn’t even come off of your data plan. It's completely free to use social media. VOXI plans even come with 5G. Check out some of these excellent VOXI Black Friday deals.

VOXI 12GB for £12

Get a good bit of data with this 12GB for £12 deal. Remember, none of this data is used up when you’re using social media so you have plenty to use on other activities.

VOXI unlimited data for £30

This deal is perfect if you want to make the most of 5G, and never worry about running out of data. For just £30 you’ll have unlimited data to use however you want.

VOXI 60GB for £20

If you don’t want to pay quite as much as the unlimited deal but still want a huge amount of data to use, this 60GB for £20 deal is just what you need.

Shop Black Friday SIM only deals

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