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Samsung S21 EE deals

Get the new Samsung Galaxy on EE.

The new Samsung Galaxy flagship series has been revealed, and it’s an impressive trio of phones that are available now!

As revealed at least week’s Unpacked event, this year’s line up consists of three smartphones - the standard Galaxy S21, the big screen Galaxy S21 Plus, and the big screen, bigger specced Galaxy S21 Ultra.

We’ve covered all three phones in depth in our everything you need to know guide here, so you can check that article out for more details on the phones themselves. But what about deals?

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If you want to secure your new Samsung smartphone, now’s a great time to sign up for a deal - and that’s where we can help!

If you want one of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones on EE, you’ve come to the right place. So without further ado, here are some of our favourite Samsung S21 EE deals.

Samsung Galaxy S21 EE deals

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a spectacular new smartphone with a dazzling screen, exceptional camera and on point design.

Order it on EE today with one of these excellent S21 deals.

EE Unlimited data S21 deal

If you want unlimited data, this deal gives you just that for just £52 a month and nothing to pay upfront.

Get this unlimited data EE deal today

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus EE deals

Want the same great specs of the S21 with a bigger screen? The Galaxy S21 Plus is the one for you, and here are some great EE deals.

EE Unlimited data S21 Plus deals

If you want the S21 Plus on an unlimited data deal, this offer is just £54 a month with £97.99 upfront.

Get the S21 Plus with unlimited data on an EE deal today

Or you can pay a little less each month and still get unlimited data with this EE S21 Plus deal that works out to £52 a month with just £125.99 to pay upfront.

Get the S21 Plus with an unlimited data deal on an EE

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 21 deals

If you want the biggest and the best, the S21 Ultra is the Samsung Galaxy to go for, and EE has some excellent deals to choose from.

EE Unlimited data S21 Ultra deals

EE’s unlimited data deal for the S21 Ultra is just £76 a month with no upfront fee.

Get the S21 Ultra on an EE unlimited data deal today

Some of these deals also include free Galaxy Buds headphones, so if ever there was a time to get a new Galaxy smartphone, it’s now.

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