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Student burnt by ‘dodgy’ iPhone cable

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Law student Esther Modede suffered an injury to her eye and was left partially blind when her iPhone charger seemingly exploded.

Esther, from Birmingham, claims the injury occured when her charger caught fire while she was plugging her iPhone in.

According to Esther, her charging cable appeared to be damaged as she attempted to charge her phone. The 19-year old student said that her charger and phone started to get extremely hot before she then saw smoke emanating from the charging cable. Then, the cable exploded and Esther says a spark flew out and hit her left eye.

Esther then had to spend four hours in hospital where she was treated and her eye was covered with bandages.

Esther filmed her trip to the hospital and gave a personal account of what happened. She said: "I plugged in my phone to charge and it started burning up. I didn’t think it was going to get any worse and then as I was recording it, it started sparking.

“I then got a spark in my eye and I couldn’t see very well at all. I didn’t realise I was that close or that the spark would be able to enter my eye. I was extremely worried.

“Everything went blurry and when I closed my other eye I couldn’t see very well.

“I had the bandage on my eye for three days. When I took the bandage off I couldn’t see very clearly, but my sight has cleared up and is still healing.

"The moment the spark hit my eye, my eye shut and I felt it begin to swell. It was a hot sensation. The swelling and the blurring of my sight was worrying.

"My vision as of last week was still recovering but as of currently it’s a lot better and I can now read when the other eye is shut."

Esther has stated that the charger in question was an official Apple cable - but stills from her video account seem to show a grey cable while Apple’s official cables are a pure white.

This follows on from another incident earlier in the year when another woman was also injured by a faulty iPhone cable.

Aime Hall, also from Birmingham, suffered a burn to her face in March after her iPhone charger caught fire while she slept. She awoke suddenly to see a bright light and flames coming from her phone, but was hurt before she could extinguish the fire and flee her room.

Aime shared images of her injury on social media and wrote: “I had just been lying down and I was falling asleep when I became aware of flashing orange colours next to me. Please be aware that this can happen to anyone and could be a lot worse. It’s dangerous. Please share.”

Again, it’s not clear whether the charger in question was an official Apple product or not. This could suggest that third-party cables could be the reason behind the overheating incidents - as Apple’s website states that this is a risk when using chargers and cables that aren’t official products.

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