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Nokia launches three new smartphones

Take a look at the Nokia XR20, revamped Nokia 6310 and the Nokia C30.
017 - Football legend Roberto Carlos and freestyler Lisa Zimouche put the new life-proof 5G smartphone, the Nokia XR20, through its toughest test

Nokia, one of the original big names of mobile phones, has revealed its three latest devices - the Nokia XR20, Nokia 6310 and Nokia C30.

Let’s take a look at what these three handsets have to offer.

Nokia XR20

006 -Football legend Roberto Carlos and freestyler Lisa Zimouche put the new life-proof 5G smartphone, the Nokia XR20, through its toughest test

Built to survive, the Nokia XR20 is one of the company's sturdiest smartphones yet. Whatever the conditions, the XR20 has what it takes to keep you connected. It can withstand drops up to 1.8m and can be submerged in water for up to 1 hour. It’s not a case of brawns over beauty either, its stylish design looks great too.

The display is just as tough as the rest of the phone thanks to a Gorilla Glass screen, some of the toughest glass you can find on any device. Nokia put the display to the test in an ingenious way, by seeing if it could handle the free kicks of Brazilian football legend Roberto Carlos and female world champion freestyler Lisa Zimouche.

Between them they dunked the Nokia XR20 in icy water and kicked it around a gravel pitch. Carlos took it a step further by recreating a piece of sporting history — his legendary banana kick from the 1997 Brazil vs France match.

With three Nokia XR20s attached to a goal post, Carlos unleashed his famous banana kick — and the Nokia came away unscathed.

Roberto Carlos, Brazil World Cup winner and Real Madrid legend, said:

“I’ve been asked to recreate my ’97 free kick many times over the last twenty years, but never like this before, so I had to accept the challenge. Surely a mobile phone couldn’t survive the wrath of a football.

“I didn’t think the Nokia XR20 could have withstood the power of my kick. I may not be professional anymore, but I know I still pack a punch, so it was an impressive result.”

003 -Football legend Roberto Carlos and freestyler Lisa Zimouche put the new life-proof 5G smartphone, the Nokia XR20, through its to

As well as strength to withstand Roberto Carlos’ free kicks, the Nokia XR20 also has a 48MP main camera and 13MP ultrawide camera. Both are complete with ZEISS Optics tech to really make your photos stand out. The exciting SpeedWarp mode makes memorable montages out of your photos. With wireless charging and 5G too, the Nokia XR20 has a lot of impressive features.

The Nokia XR20 comes in Ultra Blue and Granite, and is available to preorder now. It costs just £399 for the 64GB model, and £449 for the 128GB version.

Nokia C30

The new Nokia C30 is the latest of its popular C-series, and it boasts the biggest screen ever seen on a Nokia smartphone.

With a massive 6.8-inch HD+ display showing off all your content in style, the C30 needs a big battery too, and conveniently it has just that. With a hugely powerful 6000 mAh battery, the C30 can go for up to 3 days before you need to charge it!

It’s really affordable too, just £99 for a phone with this big a screen is a real bargain. It will be available for sale in September.

Nokia 6310

Finally, Nokia has also released another of its Originals, this time it's the iconic Nokia 6310 that gets a revamp.

The 2021 Nokia 6310 comes with a clear display, big buttons, as well as zoom and font options that make it a great choice for people who need accessibility features. It’s even got Snake, everyone’s favourite classic phone game.

The new Nokia 6310 will be available in August for just £49.

Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global (Nokia’s parent company) said:

“We are tapping into consumer pain points around durability and longevity. We did a global trend report and found that 73% of consumers want to keep their phone for longer and would if their devices were maintained over time. At HMD, we are empowering people to avoid early device replacement and encouraging a more sustainable consumption through our longevity promises.

“We are delighted to announce the Nokia XR20 – a life-proof phone with our trademark sleek, Nordic design that we built for both consumers and enterprises.

Today we also grow our refreshed X-series and C-series with two shining examples of what these ranges stand for. Our goal is to provide people with products they will love, trust and want to keep for longer.”

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