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O2 launches iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro deals

Get the new iPhone 13 range with O2.
iPhone 13 mini, Pro and Pro Max hero image

The iPhone 13 range has officially been announced, and networks have unveiled deals for each of the phones.

O2 is offering all five colour variants of the new lineup, as well as every storage option available. It also lets you customise some of your contract terms so you can choose a plan that suits you best.

The following O2 deals for the iPhone 13 and 13 mini will be for mobile plans with a 150GB data limit and three-year warranty, while the Pro and Pro Max deals will be for unlimited mobile data plans.

O2 also offers 50GB and 3GB mobile data options for a cheaper monthly price, but just be aware that 3GB on a 5G mobile data plan might not cover your needs — you could end up breaching that limit and having to pay more for excess use.

Have a look at the pre-order deals O2 is offering for the new iPhone 13 lineup.

iPhone 13 mini

If you pay £20 upfront for the iPhone 13 mini (128GB) with O2, you'll get to enjoy 150GB of data for just £46.49 per month.

A £30 upfront fee for the 256GB version will give you the same amount of data for £48.98 and its 512GB counterpart for £54.49.

O2 also offers you the chance to save up to £360 if you trade in your old phone to receive your shiny new iPhone 13 mini. That's some potential saving!

iPhone 13

The standard iPhone 13 has arrived with a slightly different camera array, compared to previous models — it now sports a diagonal setup for its two lenses, rather than the vertical array we're all used to.

The iPhone 13 (128GB) is available for pre-order with O2 at £48.98 per month, including a £30 upfront cost.

Should you need more storage for apps, photos and videos, the 256GB model can be yours for £51.59, and the 512GB model will cost you £56.98 per month.

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iPhone 13 Pro

One of the premium iPhone 13 models, the iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) is available for pre-order through O2 for £60.50 per month on an unlimited data plan.

The 256GB version is available for pre-order for £63.50 per month, the 512GB for £68.99, and the all-new 1TB storage option for £74.50.

All three models require a £30 upfront cost before you start paying off your contract.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The most high-end of the new iPhone 13 range is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It has a larger screen size than the Pro and the same excellent camnera.

Here is how much you'll be paying per month for each of the different iPhone 13 Pro Max storage options, if you choose one of O2's unlimited data plans:

  • 128GB: £63.50
  • 256GB: £65.99
  • 512GB: £71.50
  • 1TB: £76.99

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