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Nokia brings back the 6310

nokia 6310

Nokia has launched a brand new 6310 to mark the original handset’s 20th anniversary.

The first Nokia 6310 was originally released back in 2001. It was a solid, sturdy old-school mobile phone with a battery that lasted weeks before needing a charge. It also had a robust frame to withstand drops and of course included Snake, the iconic game that had millions of us glued to our devices back in the day.

The 2021 version of the 6310 follows suit with a durable design, long battery life and built-in Snake to play. But it’s also got a 2.8-inch screen (an increase on the original’s 1.8 inch screen) as well as bigger buttons and a ‘zoom in’ feature on the display to make reading easier.

In more throwback features, the new 6310 also includes wireless FM radio. There’s a rear camera for photo fun and its battery is said to last a whopping 21 days. The phone is available in black or yellow and can be yours for just £59.99 directly from Nokia’s website.

The original 6310 was first launched in 2001 and it went on to become a hugely popular member of Nokia’s early noughties lineup.

An HMD Global spokesperson said: “The Nokia 6310 is a classic reimagined for today’s connected user.

“Bringing advanced accessibility, optimised ergonomics, and battery for weeks, it honours everything that Nokia phones stand for. And yes - it still has Snake.

“With accessibility at its core, the refreshed larger push buttons and ample display make screen time more effortless and enjoyable.

“The new zoomed-in menus and larger font options improve readability and text messages can be listened to for ease of use.”

Nokia’s reimagining of the 6310 could stand to be a big hit amongst nostalgia fans and retro-revivalists. The classic phone company has also released a range of mid-range smartphones over the last year too. The Nokia XR20 and the Nokia C30 both came out in the summer and offer decent specs at affordable prices. The Nokia XR20 has an impressive 48MP camera and costs £399 while the C30 has a huge 6.8-inch display but costs just £99. From retro to now, Nokia’s lineup has something for everyone.

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