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Black Friday deals on Samsung phones

Samsung Black Friday deals hero

Samsung makes some of the best and most popular phones around. In fact, it’s the world’s biggest smartphone maker. Its S21 range is up there with the finest Android handsets around.

It comprises three models: the standard S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra. They all pack amazing specs, but the S21+ is more advanced than the standard S21, and the S21 Ultra more advanced still. As you would expect, the prices rise accordingly.

But that doesn’t mean they have to be too expensive. Because it’s Black Friday! Which means deals deals deals. Here, we’ve rounded up the best deals around on Samsung’s best phones, both on contract and SIM-free, so you can bag one while saving yourself some cash.

Ready? Then let’s find you a bargain.

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals

Samsung S21 HERO

The S21 is one of the standout phones of the year. Why? It packs an awesome three-lens rear camera array, superb screen and mammoth battery that keeps it going all day. And now, it can be had with some big money off.

On contract: 150GB data, £28pm on Vodafone

Pay just £3 more per month and you’ll get an extra 60GB of data, bringing the total to 210GB. Even better, the upfront fee is a lot lower, at just £49.

SIM-free: 128GB, Phantom Grey. Was £769, now £620 at Amazon

There’s £149 off the handset SIM-free at Amazon. It’s the entry-level model, but still, that’s incredible value for money.

On contract: Unlimited data, £38 pm on Three

If you can stump up £129 upfront for the phone, it can be yours for just £26 a month. Worth it in the long run.

On contract: 150GB data, £33pm at Vodafone

If you can afford to pay a little upfront, but not much, this is the deal for you. Just £9 upfront gets you the S21 with 150GB of data for £33 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ deals

s21 hero

The S21 is a step up from the standard S21. Its screen is 6.7 inches, up from the S21’s 6.2 incher, making it ideal if you prefer a big-screen experience.

On contract: 100GB data, £45pm on Three

Paying £45 a month will get the handset for free, and you get 100GB of data a month thrown in too. Bargain.

On contract: 150GB data, £28pm on Vodafone

If you can afford to pay more for the phone upfront, do. It will reduce your monthly bill significantly. Here, paying just shy of £400 upfront brings the monthly bill down to £28. You know it makes sense.

SIM-free: 128GB, Phantom Black. Was £949, now £799 at Amazon

If you want just the phone, there’s a staggering £150 off the RRP at Amazon. Remember, you will need a SIM-only deal on top of that.

Samsung S21 Ultra deals

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra black back

The S21 Ultra is top dog in the S21 family. Its screen stands a massive 6.8 inches big, and it’s more powerful than its siblings. The best of the best.

On contract: 100GB data, £53pm on Three

This might look like a lot per month, but there’s no upfront fee, meaning you get the handset completely free.

6GB data, £15pm on O2

Want low monthly bills? Look no further. You will have to shell out £792.99 upfront for the phone, but then your monthly outgoing will be just £15. The downside? A relatively modest 6GB of data each month.

SIM-free: 128GB, Phantom Black. Was £1149, now £969 at Amazon

There’s £180 off the entry-level S21 Ultra at Amazon, or if you want the 256GB model, you’ll save £231! Now that’s a steal.

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