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  5. Get a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with S22 pre-orders

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Get a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with S22 pre-orders

Buy an S22, S22 Plus or S22 Ultra and get Samsung wireless earbuds worth £219 for free.
Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds are the ideal pair of wireless headphones to use with Samsung smartphones.

Better still, they're completely free when you pre-order any version of the S22 from participating retailers and networks, before 5 April. Here's what you need to know and how to claim them.

In the market for a Galaxy S22? Take a look at our pick of the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

They’re free!

Did we mention that they're free when you pre-order an S22, S22 Plus or S22 Ultra? We did. Okay. Well, it's pretty exciting.

Normally costing a pricey £219, the Galaxy Buds Pro can be yours for absolutely free if you buy any smartphone from the new S22 range before 5 April, so you can get listening straight out of the box.

We'll walk you through how to claim your free pair of Galaxy Buds Pro in a section further down the page. But first, here's what you can expect from Samsung's premium earbuds.

They’re completely wireless

Some so-called ‘wireless’ headphones actually have a neck band connecting the two earbuds.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it means you can dangle them around your neck – handy when you’re out running and you stop for a breather. But a connecting cable doesn’t exactly scream ‘wireless’, does it?

The Galaxy Buds Pro are completely wireless, or true wireless. There’s no cord connecting them to the phone, and no cable keeping them together. They’re just two little earbuds that you place in your ears.

Immerse yourself in music... but let the world in too


The Galaxy Buds Pro sound has been fine-tuned by AKG, an audio specialist company that Samsung bought a couple of years ago.

The Buds Pro support Active Noise Canceling, which you can use to filter out up to 99% of background noise. You can adjust the ANC level to suit your surroundings. Want to hear nothing but your playlist? Set the dial High. Or turn it to Low to hear your surroundings clearly while they’re in your ears, so you'll hear that bus coming when you’re listening to tunes or taking a phone call.

There's also the brilliantly useful Conversation mode feature. This uses Voice Detect to instantly switch from ANC to Ambient sound if it hears you speak. That way, you don't have to awkwardly fumble and switch your music off when you want to order a coffee - just give the barista your order and ANC will automatically turns off as you speak.

They’ll make you heard loud and clear

“I’m on the train. What? No, the train! THE TRAIN!” It’s not a good look for a handsfree call. But with the Galaxy Buds Pro, you don’t have to shout to be heard.

Their adaptive dual microphone uses one inner microphone and one outer in each earbud, so your voice is clear in loud and quiet environments alike.

The battery lasts for ages

Because they’re wireless, they have their own battery. And if you don’t keep them charged, they could conk out like anything else with a rechargeable battery. But thankfully, they have plenty of life in them.

With ANC turned on, you get five hours of Bluetooth streaming from a single charge. With ANC turned off, that jumps up to eight hours of use.

When it comes to charging, you get a a neat little carry case that doubles as a portable charger. Just plonk the Galaxy Buds in, and they’ll automatically start juicing up.

You can even use the case to give your Buds Pro a flash-charge for five minutes and get a full hour of play time! Call it a power nap.

But that’s not all. You can also use the wireless charging tech from the Galaxy S22 and power them up direct from the phone.

There are no wires required, just place the Galaxy Buds Pro on the back of the S22 and watch them charge. Magic.

They’re voice activated

Galaxy Buds Pro play nice with Samsung’s Bixby personal assistant. That means you can speak to activate Bixby on your phone straight from your Galaxy Buds.

You can make calls, send text messages, find trivia answers and check your Galaxy Buds’ battery life, all without reaching for your phone.

And that’s just the start. Bixby can be used for all manner of tasks, like setting timers and calendar reminders, telling you the weather forecast, playing a song from your playlist and more. Bixby, buy me a pair of Galaxy Buds, pronto.

They come in four colours

You can choose from black, white, violet or silver colours to suit your styles.

How to claim your free Samsung Galaxy Buds

Step 1) Pre-order a Galaxy S22, S22 Plus or S22 Ultra from a participating network or retailer between now and 5 April 2022.

Step 2) Got your phone in your hand? Good. Your next job is open the Samsung Members App. In the event you don't have a Samsung account, you'll first need to create one.

You're then required to complete an online claim form, which you'll find in the'benefits' section of the app. You'l be asked to provide details of your purchase, as well as your IMEI number and your personal details. And you'll need a digital copy of the proof of pre-order receipt too.

Samsung stipulates that you've got to submit the claim within 60 days of making your purchase.

Step 3) Wait for the confirmation email, which should arrive within seven days. This will tell you that the claim has been validated and keep you informed of delivery and despatch information.

Step 4) Watch the postbox. Samsung pledges you'll get your Galaxy Buds in the post within 45 days.

Take a look at full terms and conditions for claiming your Buds on Samsung's site.

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