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  5. iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Pro Max: What’s the difference?

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iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Pro Max: What’s the difference?

Every new iPhone 14 model explored in detail.
iPhone 14 range all colours hero size

The iPhone 14 has landed. But of course the iPhone 14 isn’t just one new phone, it’s four. Because, like other iPhone ranges in recent years, the iPhone 14 family comprises four models.

But this year, there’s a twist. The iPhone Mini variant has been dropped, replaced by a new iPhone 14 Plus. With the cheaper Mini model now gone, the entry price to owning an iPhone 14 model just went up.

With all of these models offering something slightly different, it can be tricky to know which one is right for you. So let’s run down each model in turn and see which you should buy.

iPhone 14: a new standard

iPhone 14 five colours

This is the standard model of new iPhone, and the cheapest handset in the iPhone 14 family. Like the iPhone 13, it packs a 6.1-inch screen and dual-lens camera, but now it has more power and a new design.

Chief among the design tweaks are new titanium edges. This makes the handset stronger and more durable, so you can worry less about it breaking should you drop it.

There’s also more RAM under the bonnet – now 6GB, up from 4GB on the iPhone 13. (Apple doesn’t usually publicise the amount of RAM in its phones, so don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen this spec bandied about.) That will make apps open that little faster and run a little smoother, and make the handset more responsive generally.

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iPhone 14 Plus: the iPhone, but bigger

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus in-hand pack shot hero image

Now, we meet the newest member of the iPhone family. The iPhone 14 Plus is just like the standard iPhone 14, but with a bigger screen. It’s the same proposition as the iPhone Mini, but bigger rather than smaller than the standard model.

Its screen size? A whopping 6.7 inches. That’s the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. But while it might be the same size as that range-topper, it doesn’t pack the same specs.

Instead, the specs are the same as the iPhone 14. So you get the same camera, same A15 Bionic processor (which was also found in the iPhone 13 and this year’s iPhone SE), and same screen technology.

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iPhone 14 Pro: turning Pro

iPhone 14 Pro range four colours homescreens

Now we’re getting serious. The iPhone 14 Pro is the same size as the standard iPhone (6.1 inches), but packs more power, better cameras, design tweaks and a more advanced screen.

It’s boasts the new A16 Bionic processor, which is one of the first 4nm chips. That represents a serious bump in power compared to the A15 Bionic found in the iPhone 13. Which means smoother graphics, quicker response times and slicker 3D maps.

It should also come in handy for rendering augmented reality (AR) content, which Apple is expected to go big on with its own AR headset rumoured to be in the works.

The imaging power takes a step up, too. The Pro model packs a 48-megapixel rear camera, which is four times as many megapixels as the 12-megapixel number found in the non-Pro models. The result? More detailed snaps and smoother, higher-resolution video.

There’s a new notch, too. The old one has been junked in favour of two new cut-outs – one round ‘hole punch’ cutout, and one longer pill-shaped one. These house all the same front-facing camera sensors and tech as seen in the old notch, but should prove less distracting from what’s going on on-screen.

This is good news, seeing as the screen should look better than ever. Its 120Hz refresh rate will mean the screen updates a staggering 120 times every second, which is twice as high as the non-Pro models. That’ll mean less blur, and should be particularly noticeable during fast-moving content, like sports, gaming and action movies.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max: the big daddy

iPhone 14 Pro range backs hero size

Now we have the top-of-the-range model. The iPhone 14 Pro Max packs all of the advanced technology of the iPhone 14 Pro into a body the size of the iPhone 14 Max. That means a 6.7-inch 120Hz screen, along with the 48-megapixel camera, new cut-outs and new A16 Bionic processor.

It’s the big iPhone and the more powerful iPhone combined. Which makes it the ultimate iPhone.

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But of course it’ll cost you. The iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at £1,199 – that’s for the base 128GB model, more storage will cost you extra. The iPhone 14 Pro starts at £1,099. The non-Pro models are cheaper, but still not exactly cheap. The standard iPhone 14 starts at £849, while the iPhone 14 Plus' starting price is £949. All handsets go on sale on 16 September.

Decisions decisions...

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