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Find a deposit protected savings account

Connecting you with a range of banks via an easy-to-use marketplace
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About Raisin UK

Raisin UK are one of Europe’s most successful technology-led financial services companies. Through an easy-to-use marketplace, they connect you with a range of banks offering deposit-protected savings accounts with competitive, high street-beating interest rates.

Their savings service, allows you to view and manage your savings in one place.

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How Raisin UK works

Registering for a Raisin UK Account allows you to apply to open as many savings accounts as you like, and manage everything under one roof. 

Once you’ve registered for your Raisin UK Account, you’ll have access to their full marketplace, which includes savings accounts and rates that are exclusive to Raisin UK customers.

Their partner banks offer fixed rate bonds, notice accounts and easy access savings accounts, with different term lengths and features, meaning it’s easy to find the option that’s right for you and your money. 

The Raisin UK steps


Register for a free Raisin UK Account


Apply for savings accounts from partner banks


Transfer deposits to your Raisin UK Account


Earn money from your savings

What savings products are available?

Fixed rate bonds

Ideal if you know you want to use the money for something specific in the future, and you’d like to earn as much interest as possible in the meantime.

  • You’re likely to earn the most interest with this type of savings account

  • However, you’re agreeing to ‘lock’ the money away until the end of a set term, so you won’t be able to withdraw any money until then

  • The interest rate is ‘fixed’ for the whole term, so you’ll know from the start how much interest you’ll earn by the end of the term

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Easy Access accounts

Easy Access accounts are ideal if you want to keep earning interest on your money, but you would like to be able to withdraw money at any time.

  • This is one of the most flexible types of savings accounts

  • You can withdraw or top up money whenever you want

  • The interest rate isn’t fixed, so it could go down whilst your money is in the account

Notice Accounts

Notice accounts are ideal if you want to put your money away now and keep earning interest on it, and then access to the money in the future.

  • You’re likely to earn a good rate of interest with this type of savings account

  • You can keep the money in the savings account for as long as you like, but you’ll have to give ‘notice’, between 30 and 180 days, when you want to withdraw your money

  • The interest rate isn’t fixed, so it could go down whilst your money is in the account

Benefits of Raisin UK

Safe - Your money is secure at every step.

Competitive - Saving with specialist banks often gives you access to better rates, which means your money grows quicker.

Straightforward - Say goodbye to application forms, endless logins and hidden fees.

Raisin UK's £25 bonus offer

As a reward for registering for a Raisin UK Account, applying for funding, and opening your first savings account through their marketplace, you can claim a welcome bonus of £25

To be eligible you will need to meet the below deposit requirements:

  • Deposit amount is above £10,000 (if you open an easy access account, your lowest balance amount must remain above £10,000 for the first six months)

  • Term or duration of your account must be six months or more

  • You can only claim a maximum of one welcome bonus, and you can only receive this bonus by meeting these eligibility requirements

Please read Raisin UK's full terms and conditions, to make sure you will be eligible.

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