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Savings & ISA guides

Student loans and finance - how to pay for a degree

Best savings account: find the best saving rates with Uswitch

Looking for the best savings account? Find out how to pick the best savings account and compare savings accounts to find the best one for you with Uswitch.

woman holding jar of coins signifying savings

Best Cash ISA Rates Find ISA Rates ISA comparison

Compare our best cash ISA rates and run a cash ISA comparison with Uswitch. Compare cash ISA rates on our tables.

Guide - Top tips for getting the most from your cash ISA

Best savings rates: Uswitch's tips to get the best saving rates

Uswitch explains how to find the best savings rates. Find the best savings account for you with our tips for getting the best saving rates

What is a cash ISA? Top ten ISA questions answered

What is an ISA allowance, what is the cash ISA allowance?

Your ISA questions answered - Uswitch answers ten of the most common questions about ISAs. Find out everything you need to know about ISAs.

NISAs - The new combined ISA

NISAs - The new combined ISA

NISAs were one of the big announcements in the 2014 budget, but what are they exactly, how do they differ from ISAs and savings, and are they right for you?

Guide - Top tips for getting the most from your cash ISA

Cash ISAs: Uswitch's top tips for getting the most from cash ISAs

Looking for a cash ISA? Read Uswitch's top tips for choosing a cash ISA and find out how to get the most out of your cash ISA savings.

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Best cash ISA transfer: find what you need to transfer your ISA

The best cash ISA transfer is simple, but you have to do it right. Uswitch explain how to transfer your ISA and the benefits of switching your ISA could be.

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Retirement planning: how to plan for retirement

Retirement planning is vital, but it can be complicated - find out more with Uswitch's simple guide to pensions and saving for retirement.

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Child Savings Accounts: A Guide To Children's Bank Accounts

Want to know more about child savings accounts and find the best children's bank accounts around? Use Uswitch to find the best places to put child savings.