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One in ten live in a haunted house

1 in 10 believe their homes are haunted

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One in ten homeowners (13%) believes their house is haunted, whilst ghostly apparitions are putting off prospective buyers across the country, according to new research from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks.

A massive 57% would be put off investing in a home if they believed it was already inhibited by ghosts.

The rest of homeowners aren’t too keen on sharing their house with uninvited guests either – 40% would sell their beloved home if they believed it to be haunted.

The East of the country topped the charts of those who would be put off a property it housed the supernatural, with 62% admitting that this was the case – London came in at third with a heady 57%.

Apparently, 99% of noises ‘have perfectly reasonable explanations like loose floorboards’ so double check under the carpets before you rush to pack your bags and move home.

  • mhoneywillow

    Housing the supernatural makes it more interesting 🙂 Our house has ‘guests’ – and yes we alway’s look for the obvious first. Funny thing is all goes quiet at Halloween. Some of the happenings have even been captured on camcorders, phones etc.

    Other people have witnessed things too as they were happening, including one person who was having her hair stroked, ornaments shooting across rooms, doors being slammed, lights going on and off.

    When we first moved here, the activities were regular – to be honest I think they didn’t like the intrusion, lol (it had been empty for 6months prior) – things went missing a lot and found in the oddest places – phones would turn up at the bottom of the laundry basket, jewellery would end up hanging in the water tank closet etc.

    People who didn’t believe before always ended up believing after visiting.

    Of course there is such a thing as one’s own energy that can activate certain ‘paranormal activity’ – a relative of ours, who when angry can make inanimate objects fly across the room and I’m quite sure that visitors to our house have created some activities but when its just us watching tv and things fly across the room, I’m 100% convinced that it is different, and when, for no reason, upstairs doors are slammed or furniture sounds like it is being dragged or thrown around and we are the only ones in the house and downstairs, black crayon is drawn all over a room and no-one has been in there – these too are not of human doing.

  • Anonymous

    This is very interesting, I would have never imagined that so many people feel they live in haunted house. Thank you for sharing this great post.

  • i lived in a haunted house you couldn’t blame floor boards as its a concrete floor she shadows run past you and the fact my 3yr old daughter suddenly refused to go up stairs alone when she was quite happy before had some peeps come in and clear the house and have had nothing happen since and my little girl will now go up stairs and the kids weren’t here when it was cleared.

  • No I wouldn’t move