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iPhone alarms fail to wake the nation

iPhone users across England were given an unexpected lie-in when alarms across the country failed to wake their owners.

Whilst the iPhone clocks automatically moved back an hour for the winter months, the alarms failed to register the change, making many disgruntled users late for work this morning. The iOS 4 bug caused the same calamity in Australia a few weeks ago, leaving many of us wondering why it hadn’t been fixed by the time Europe turned its clocks back.

The problem seems to have occurred with all users that ‘edited’ their daily alarm instead of creating a new one. With the alarms still locked in daylight savings time, those who rely on their iPhone alarms to wake them up instead woke an hour later than scheduled.

And with iPhones now more popular than Blackberrys, social media networks such as Twitter have have been rife with unhappy commentary.

Apple promises a fix is in the works and on its way, but until then, it’s advisable to delete your current alarms and create new ones to avoid the same embarrassment tomorrow.