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‘Average energy bills fall…except they haven’t really’

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If you’ve noticed that some of the average bill sizes we quote are lower, it’s not because you are getting a better deal, or because prices have gone down, it’s because the way the average bill is calculated has changed.

This change won’t affect you directly, it is just because Ofgem has decided that the typical gas and electricity use for a medium user is lower than it was before.

We use typical gas and electricity usage to calculate what the average bill will be for all the different tariffs on the market.

Previously, Ofgem said the typical energy a medium user would consume in a year was 20, 500kWh for gas and 3,300kWh for electricity.

However, the typical gas usage has been lowered and the medium consumption figure is 16,500 kWh.

Ofgem speculates that increased energy efficiency measures have led to a decrease in typical gas energy use; however it isn’t sure why the same hasn’t happened with electricity.

It may be because, although there are more electricity efficient gadgets available, the total number of electrical gadgets a household is likely to use has increased.

Typical usage changes happen over a period of years so that they can be based on long-term trends and figures.