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Win £3,000 by being green

Do you have Britiain’s greenest home? Image by linkway88 via Flickr

In a bid to encourage homeowners to be more energy efficient, HomeSun, the leading Free Solar company, and property experts are holding a competition to find Britain’s Greenest Home.

“Our homes produce a massive 27% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions,” said Daniel Green, HomeSun’s Chief Executive. “This competition is all about the little things you can do and action to reduce those emissions.”

Competition details

To enter HomeSun and’s Britain’s Greenest Home competition, visit and just answer 10 easy questions about your home and why you think it could be the greenest.

The first prize is £3,000 and the second prize is £1,000. There are 10 runners-up prizes of a Green Home Audit from HomeSun’s partner, Eaga.

Be one of the first 500 entries and receive a pair of Energy Saving lightbulbs. The entry deadline is 8th June 2011 and the winner will be announced in July.

Get started creating a greener home

Loft insulation, double-glazing and harnessing solar energy are three well-recognised ways of improving a property’s carbon footprint; according to HomeSun.

By installing solar panels you could reduce your home’s carbon footprint by one tonne of CO2. But there are lots more, perhaps less obvious changes that homeowners can make to reduce their home’s greenhouse gas emissions. It’s these small changes that the Britain’s Greenest Home competition hopes to recognise.

Regularly defrosting your freezer, turning down your thermostat and immersion heater temperature by one degree, using energy efficient light bulbs. The list of easy-to-make changes goes on. Even installing solar panels is easy – and free – with HomeSun’s free solar panel scheme: “There’s no financial outlay and it’s simple to install,” said Green.

Reducing your carbon footprint could also save you money: HomeSun says that installing its solar panels could reduce your electricity bills by a third, while according to DEFRA, just one 20W bulb could save you £60 over its lifetime, compared to a standard 100W one.

“Now, more than ever, homeowners are realising that cutting emissions is not just good for the planet, it’s an excellent way to cut bills as well,” said Green.

Reducing your home’s carbon footprint could also add value to your house because energy efficiency is right up there on the wish list for homebuyers.

Going for a green home? Three top tips:

1) When buying products for the home, look for the Energy Saving Recommended label or European energy label rating of A or higher

2) When making a tea or coffee, boil only the amount of water you need to fill the cup

3) Switch off your TV and computer instead of leaving them on standby, and encourage the whole family to switch off their gadgets when not in use.