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o2 Guru explains mobile phone data usage

by Ernest Doku

Despite our extensive knowledge of the UK broadband market, a question that we are always inundated with by uSwitch customers is one of data usage.

“How much is my limit?” “How many e-mails can I send before I go over my maximum?” “How much BBC iPlayer can I watch on 1GB of data per month?”

Lucky for us that O2’s new Gurus were on hand to help us decipher the mystery of data amounts!

The Guru initiative has been started up by the network to help consumers to navigate the minefield of broadband and mobile technology by engaging with users, advising them in a clear and concise manner.

In our case, O2 Guru Jack has equated megabytes to peanuts, an analogy so obvious that I don’t know why we hadn’t done it in our broadband comparison section already!

Check out the (handily personalised) video below:

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