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Is a university education worth the debt it can get you into?


Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Only 5% of people think a university education is worth the fees according to the results of our latest poll.

Students who graduated this year left with an average debt of around £21,000, and university fees to go up to a massive £9,000 a year. It’s hardly surprising that some people are beginning to wonder if going to university will give you enough of an advantage in the working world for it to be worth the debt.

What do you think? Is university worth the money?  Should young people and their parents be getting into debt to pay for a degree? Are there alternatives to university that will help young people get a job?

  • Anonymous

    No its not worth it at all….
    Education have become a business rather then a facility or service to learn something…
    People can invest same amount of money in business or building their career with the short term educational courses then to study at university.