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Top five most stylish products…

We always look for the most stylish products for our shop and believe that we now have a great collection. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top five stylish energy-efficient products from our shop.

Who cares about the latest catwalk colour or the must have bag of the season? Your great taste will be clear to see from the minute you begin using these energy-efficient products, daaarling.

Top five most stylish products…

Plumen 001 low energy light bulb

The Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer light bulb and is so good looking that it won the Brit insurance design of 2011 – anyone style savvy is adding this to the top of their wish list.

energyEGG standby saver

This gadget looks great in your living room; its fun egg shape isn’t the only reason why we love it so much  – it turns your appliances off when you’ve left the room too.


Murano Solar Garden Globe


The small and beautiful Murano solar light turns into a floating orb at night, illuminating your garden with a delicate glow.

POWERplus Seal weather station

 The sleek curved design is the ‘cherry-on-top’ of this solar powered weather station which measures the temperature, actual pressure and development pressure of the day and also has an integrated clock and calendar.

POWERplus Dragonfly

This solar powered light flickers beautifully like a candle but is in fact a solar powered light. It has a smooth and modern design making it a must-have for the style conscious looking for a touch of the unique.