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A real Christmas gift – Keep someone warm and healthy this winter

 Image by Jamie King via Flickr

Image by Jamie King via Flickr

If you are reading this there is a reasonable chance you have experienced switching your energy provider, saved money and know just how easy it is.

But did you know that the majority of people have never done it? According to research by Ofgem over half are convinced something will go wrong in the switching.

So why is this?

People sometimes have many misconceptions around switching their gas and electricity supplier. Fears, for instance, that it will be a major hassle with long forms to fill in, or that they will end up on a worse deal or even that their gas and electricity will be switched off and they don’t know for how long.

You know none of this is true. When I was Chair of Energywatch, the Consumer Council, I worked hard to make sure switching was an easy process. That is why I am now with uSwitch, because I know how much people benefit and it is one the one thing that usually goes smoothly and is a quick and simple way of cutting down, sometimes by hundreds of pounds, on energy bills.

In fact, in the annual uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Awards, switching is often the category that gets the highest satisfaction rating.

So why don’t you give someone a very special Christmas present? Talk to them about switching their energy supplier and support them through the switching process, armed with just a postcode and an energy bill. You must know someone who is desperately trying to make ends meet and is scrimping on their use of energy even when they need it. What better present this than a big reduction in your energy bill? So, adopt a neighbour or friend who is elderly, disabled or perhaps just going through a hard time. The average switching process takes less than twenty minutes of your time.

Make that difference between a happy and joyful Christmas and one which could leave them at risk.


Do you have an example of someone helping out a friend or neighbour to make sure they stay warm this winter? Leave your stories, tips and suggestions below.