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Nokia could unveil first-ever Windows tablet on Monday

Nokia Windows 8 tablet

The first-ever tablet to feature the rather lovely live tiles of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system could make its debut next week, reports suggest.

Monday sees Microsoft hold court at a typically lavish, all-the-bells-and-whistles press call in Los Angeles. And to its credit, so far the Redmond-based tech giant has made a decent fist of keeping a lid on whatever it’s got to unveil to an expectant tech world.

Until now, that is. According to shadowy sources (aren’t they always?) with knowledge of such things cited by All Things D, the mystery event will be all about tablets with a line-up that will include a device manufactured either by Microsoft itself or its closest Windows Phone partner Nokia.

The showcase will also reportedly feature specially created apps. Assuming Nokia gets the nod to bring a tablet to market, you can almost certainly expect some of these to be exclusive to its slate – in much the same way that Nokia Drive and Nokia Music are reserved for its Windows smartphones.

Chatter about the Big M’s plans comes amid analysts’ projections that the iPad will continue to dominate the tablet space for years to come, despite a recent surge from Android.

After a moribund start, Google’s platform has picked up support among slate-buyers over the last six months thanks to the success of the five million-selling, smartphone-slate lovechild that is the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Source: All Things D