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First Utility pulls market-leading Dual-Fuel and fixed tariffs

First Utility have pulled their cheapest tariffs.

First Utility have pulled their cheapest tariffs.

The energy supplier First Utility has pulled its market-leading iSave Dual Fuel V10 and the iSave Fixed v2 September 2013 tariffs, and introduced a the iSave Dual Fuel V11.

Both plans were the cheapest on the market. The iSave Dual Fuel V10 was the cheapest plan on the market for medium dual-fuel users costing £1,027 a year on average, but has now been replaced with iSave Dual Fuel V11 costing £1128.

First Utility has also removed its iSave Fixed v2 September 2013 which was the cheapest fixed-plan on the market costing £1,047 for the average user. The cheapest fixed plan for average users is now the EDF Blue Price Promise tariff costing £1,054m and is fixed until the end of September 2013.

These prices are all based on paying by direct debit and managing your account online, although the EDF tariff is also available for payment on receipt of bill. They are based on a medium-user using 16,500kWh of gas and 3,300kWh of electricity – energy regulator Ofgem’s medium-user profile which is used to determine average prices.

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