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Universal Winter Fuel Payments to be withdrawn?

Our most controversial post yet!

Universal winter fuel payments may be reduced

Universal winter fuel payments may be reduced

In a speech to the Resolution Foundation, the Conservative MP Nick Bowles has suggested universal winter fuel payments – as well as free bus passes and free tv licenses – should be stopped in favour of a means-tested approach.

Mr Bowles said such changes would be necessary if the government is to make inroads into the budget deficit, and that universal benefits should be withdrawn from more affluent pensioners after the 2015 election.

The Winter Fuel Payment is an annual tax-free payment of between £100 and £300 which helps people over the age of 60 to pay for their heating in the winter.

The news follows the government’s decision last year to cut the Winter Fuel Payment by £100 for the over 80s and £50 for the over 60s in its 2011 budget, as well as the more recent ‘granny tax’ that reduced tax allowances for pensioners.

Do you qualify for Winter Fuel Payments?

If you live in Great Britain or Northern Ireland and are aged 60 or over you’re likely to qualify for the Winter Fuel Payment. You’ll need to claim your Winter Fuel Payment if you aren’t receiving at least one of the following benefits during the week of 17-23 September 2012:

  • State Pension
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Bereavement Benefit
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Graduated Retirement Benefit
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Industrial Injuries Benefits
  • Severe Disablement Allowance
  • War Pension
  • Widow’s Benefit

If you’re getting Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit or Child Benefit only you’ll need to put in a claim. You’ll also need to claim if you have received the Winter Fuel Payment before but your circumstances have changed.

  • is this another millionaire mp who thinks we are all like him try the real world

  • MikeC

    And how much will it cost the Government to introduce and adminster the means testing?
    Government spending on IT systems is legendary – massive costs and minimum success.
    This should be resisted!

  • John Harvey

    Sure, inroads have to be made into the deficit, but why doesn’t this government get stuck into
    the fat cats who don’t pay their taxes, rather than the pensioners, who are a
    much easier target? Has anyone estimated the cost of yet another round of
    means testing?

  • C Hands

    Stop attacking pensioners. We are already on a rubbish deal. Look hard at your overseas support and immigrants policies first!

  • Flosultimiprati

    Whilst Mr Bowles’ suggestion that such benefits should be withdrawn has merit, his proposal to introduce means-tested alternatives is depressingly ill considered. Means testing is expensive and obtrusive. For the sums of money concerned, the cost would far outweigh the savings made. The focus of politicians should be on simplification of the tax and benefits system so that it works more efficiently. A start has already been made, with the raising of the basic income tax personal allowance. Subsequent rises should be directly linked to the complete removal of trivial benefits. Thus, those on low incomes will be allowed to keep more of their money, to be spent as they see fit.

    The list of minor benefits and tax credits is very long, every one of them devised as a short-term bribe to a particular groups of voters. Now, more than ever, we need politicians who can rise above this political fiddling, and focus on the bigger picture. There is huge scope for simplification of the tax and benefits system, reducing costs and boosting revenue without sacrificing fairness.

  • David Fox

    Considering that I have friends of pension age living in Egypt and Spain who recieve these payments, perhaps the government should be looking to save on this.

  • John Fields

    I love Cameron’s comment, “We are all in this together.”
    As an 85 year old, I lost £100 of my Heating Allowance last year, and next year my Tax Allowances are frozen.
    Anyone earning over £150000 a year receives a tax reduction of 5 per cent.
    The only way to stop these idiots is for all pensioners to vote for the Party that gave us all our extras in the first place.



  • sheila

    If they stop bus passes, there will be many bus services being stopped
    as there will be no one on the buses at certain times of the day. I have
    worked full time bar three years when I had my Daughter, got my pension in
    my own right and an occupational pension (not huge), cant afford a car, carry
    heavy shopping, with bus pass often use it to get the bus home. It is my
    piece of luxury. I will be one probably to lose my bus pass. What are the
    Government saying to the rest of the country, don`t work to get a pension
    you will get benefits. They state that people are living longer, I would like
    a survey done to prove this as there are many younger people dying so I would
    have thought it would balance out. Interesting theory. Before they touch the
    pensioners again they should stop sending money to these countries as in todays
    economic climate “charity does begin at home” Let Bankers bonuses go into the
    Pensioners kitty for a few years until they get their acts together. They will
    soon get the economics right!! Winston Churchill gave us the Senior Tax rate
    has been done away with – he appreciated at least what that generation and
    the following generations had done for the economical growth of the country.
    What is the current generation doing – nothing at all living off benefits!!
    Not all, but many rather than have to find work. If in 2015 they try to
    take things from pensioners there will be a rebellion of senior citizens
    against the Government. In a way the Government has shot themselves in the
    foot as they have given information away after 2015 and because of this
    people will make sure they do not get in again. You have done us a favour
    forewarned is forearmed!!!


    Like 75 pence a week on your pension against over £5 now

  • Vince

    Anyone for a High Speed Train ? Wonder what the comparison is?

  • Mallily

    Shocking how much longer doe we have to put up with the chuckle brothers and there band of comedians.

  • Valerie

    Stop winter fuel payments to people in Spain and hot countries, they dont need it, and put our pensioners payment back to what irt was before Cameron got in

  • Valerie C

    Stop paying winter fuel allowance to people in hot countries,they dont need it,even in winter, and r

  • Peter

    May I suggest that overseas aid be massively reduced, also that immigrants are not allowed to claim any benefits until they have worked and paid taxes for at least 3 years.

  • Malc

    I agree that some people do not need the winter fuel allowance. It has been mentioned to me by one person that he doesn’t need it and wonders why they don’t ask people to return it if they don’t need it. Perhaps this may be one option.Leave the allowance alone for the elderly that do need it. Most worked long and hard over lots of years to earn this.Perhaps someone could check on years worked to give entitlement.Wouldn’t be hard to do surely. I feel that there are so many ways that money can be saved. There are lots of people claiming that shouldn’t be. How about someone going around checking this out. Seeing if people are actually as disabled as they claim to be, sort through all the benefits to ensure that people in work are not unfairly penalised. Benefits are paid far too easily to people coming in to the country. How about ensuring that they bring enough money in to support themselves. As the country is in such a state with money , we should only pay out in certain circumstances.

  • Freddie

    I think Bowles has spelt his name incorrectly!Surely he talks a lot of “balls”….

  • S Humphries

    Many very rich people are avoiding paying their fair share of tax in this country, correct this situation before you attack the pensioners! Also return the top rate of tax to 50p instead of the reduction to 45p by Nick Clegg. Stop paying winter fuel allowance to British people who have moved to foreign countries as this money is meant to help people in this country to pay the exorbitant costs of the private companies. Stop handing enormous sums of money to foreign countries and stop enabling immigrants to live in luxury at the of the indigenous population. We have too many people coming into this country and we do not have jobs or housing for them. There are ACTUALLY 6.5 million people unemployed according to Colin Crooks in a recent talk on Radio 4. And ban the bankers from having bonuses when they have been one of the major causes of this country’s economic problems. They get paid, don’t they?

  • Margaret P

    Why is it that those that have tried to make some financial provision for their later years are always the ones to suffer. I have worked all my life albeit part time when the children were small, and am now a retired widow relient on my bus pass and winter fuel allowance. To make these a means tested allowance is yet another benefit for those that enjoyed all their income making no provision for old age are rewarded yet again. Perhaps the Government should be looking at how the NHS and benefit system is being drained by those entitled to enter the country and benefit from these allowances and have never made any contribution. Perhaps the rules should be changed for these people that unless you have lived here and contributed for 10 continuous years thay have to be self funding. With regard to the comment regarding Brits living abroad, yes lets look at this as well.

  • clay

    sheila,s comment,
    They state that people are living longer, I would like
    a survey done to prove this as there are many younger people dying so I would
    have thought it would balance out. Interesting theory!!!
    Duh! Don’t you realise it is the young working people that pay for pensioners,if
    people die young ,that’s less for the pension pot,

  • robert laidlaw

    I think it is ridiculous that the government pays out all these payments to youngsters who are capable of work but are not prepared to work for the minimum wage-get them painting and decorating people who do work houses or tidying up gardens –
    if the don’t work they don’t get benefits-the older generation who have worked and in many cases who still work should be helped
    have help in their failing years and the heating allowance should still continue’

  • dave stocky

    Another Tory MP continuing the incessant disgraceful attack on pensioners by the Coalition.They have lost millions of pensioners votes already but they appear determined to continue their headlong dive over the cliffs into political oblivion. I for one will shed no tears.

  • John Hateley

    First the granny tax, while the tax was reduced for the £150,000 earners. To be a pensioner who will vote for this rich lot who doesnot know what it is like to struggle financialy, must be mad!

  • john worker

    Once again the pensioners are under attack. With a recession which will in all probability last another decade these proposals will condemn the poorest pensioners to poverty for the remainder of their lives.

  • david mcharg

    just like the tories to steal from the pensioners instead of raising taxes from
    thier fat cat donors.

  • ALAN

    I have worked my but off looking at the help the pensioners get and good for them. Now that i am close to reaping the same help someone talks of with drawing these helps, what the hell have we to look forward to! And come to think of it, in 2 years the government has managed to reduce the defecit by 25%, so why the hell do we need to do any more than we are already. In another six years we will be out of debt. Do I smell, or see a RAT here?


    Why not back charge those MP’s guilty of fraudulently ‘flipping’ their second properties, and main place of residence simply to avoid paying taxes. Better still, back charge them and then put them where they belong…behind bars!… and they have the audacity to refer to themselves as …Honourable. What a sick and very expensive joke this country has become. Let’s also get out of the con job that is the European Union. Do what the vast majority of the sensible British Public want and return to these shores control of our borders, our legal system and our finances.

  • Ray Dawson

    If the statistics are correct, more people are living longer so that must mean thts more pensioners more of the very people who will be affected by such cuts will still be around to vote. Sounds oke to vote against such a policy if it is included in a political manifesto.
    Sounds like a recipe for political suicide to me. No more attacks on pensioners
    or the low paid or genuinely unemployed people until the overseas aid budget is
    suspended for the next ten years, huge bonuses are taxed at 150% to eliminate
    them and the open door to Britain is firmly closed for the next twenty years.

  • Chris

    Many elderly people will suffer is winter fuel payments are stopped. Our winters can be so very cold and they can’t afford huge heating bills. Bus passes and tv licences are life savers and should not be scrapped.
    My husband worked for nearly 45 years so earned his payments and we are not yet on state pension but get by – many are not so lucky. Think very carefully before scrapping these benefits Mr. Cameron.

  • w johnson

    Totally agree, if your over 60 and still pulling in a wage you don’t need the fuel payment, also well off pensioners.Those of us that were ” made ” to retire early find it very hard managing on the state pension also if you have thousands in the bank why should you expect free rides on transport.Ive always felt the same about children’s allowance, if your in the high earnings bracket its greedy to claim, it was meant originally for the poor.

  • Rod

    I think the Tories are using the recession, as an excuse to cut as many benefits as they can!!!

  • rick bentley

    after a lifetime of voting Tory I will now vote oap and reject the scum who think they can STEAL from those who have done their best for this country.To those in power if it where not for us oaps you would not be here. and that might have been the best option

  • Doreen Barraclough

    Okay !!!! Sooooo,if one has been careful and not had loads of children and they have worked hard all their adult lives,scrimped and saved for their retirement so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour,why,why oh bloody well why ?? does some pompous person in government,think we should be means tested.PLEASE,TALK SENSE YOU MORON !!!!

  • Dee OAP

    Why does this government have to keep hitting on pensioners? What have we done to upset them? As someone has already stated, the bankers, who got this country into double dip recession, are actively encouraged to take obscene bonuses and solid gold pensions. I can see that they will be promising the earth in order to get back the votes they have lost through their treatment of us. I, for one, will not be blinded by their vain promises. I think that, at the age of 70yrs+, I am going to apply for a job as a bank manager! I could do with the money.

  • Robert

    60 year olds do not recieve this anymore. It is now in line with female retirement and will qualification age and will rise in stages until it merges at 65

  • BriM

    The clowns in government are telling us that we all have to make a
    contribution, the poor, pensioners, the unemployed, the sick, as we
    are “all in it together”. Perhaps Mr Boles and the rest of his colleagues
    in the “House of Ill Repute” would enlighten us peasants exactly what they
    are sacrificing in the cause for the common good, perhaps not claiming
    expenses?? Some hope!

  • kerry


  • june

    I see daily, small buses packed with pensioners off to town to shop and meet friends. IMO the concessionary pass is enabling people to get out of the house, improving their general well being, lessening depression, just meeting others on the bus is something to look forward to for those wh
    live alone. this provision is more than just a free bus ride to may. Consider the impact on the national health service if this was withdrawn please.

  • I have the luxury of switching the central heating on a bit longer in winter or getting a thicker jumper, but there again my pension is £40k per year. The winter fuel allowance we get is earmarked for school clothing for our godchildren whose parents need the money.
    Bus passes are different story. Daytime buses are usually 25% full with more empty seats than the Olympics. Pensioners use bus passes as a treat to get out of the house for a bit of sight seeing and shopping. Scrapping bus passes will not make another penny, most pensioners simply will not travel.
    Is Nick Bowles bidding to become the Coco the Clown of the back benches ?

  • simon watts

    Another Tory asking to be voted out at the next election. Carry on fleecing the pensioners seems the norm within the ranks of these misguided tories. I voted conservative in the last election so I only have myself to blame. I won’t be voting tory again, they have gone back on everything and they lie and lie. I will be voting Labour, whatever happens…Milliband is looking better every day,,,,,

  • Andy

    If the British pensioner got the equivalent of the rest of Europe’s pensioners
    we’d have a good standard of living without free bus passes and winter heating
    allowances. So far as the £5 a week rise boasted of by Cameron and Osborne is
    concerned that was only given because of the rate of inflation so is really
    nothing for them to boast about. Yes, it was Labour who gave us the heating
    allowance and bus passes but it was also Gordon Brown who awarded pensioners
    25p per week of an increase and despite Tony Blair’s suggestion refused to
    increase the pensions to a European level on the grounds of cost preferring
    to give money to immigrants who have contributed nothing to the system in the
    hope of securing their votes to keep his government in power. When it comes to
    pensioner’s wellbeing no party has exactly covered themselves in glory so to
    vote for one is as bad as to vote for another. They see themselves all right
    and are arrogant enough to expect you to vote for them again next time round.

  • UKIP – listen; at the next general election ‘Here I come@!

  • A Gordon

    As the government says how much people need to live on, say £200 per week for a family of five, why can`t the members of parliment do the same. People on benefits don`t live the life of comfort as most working people think they do, ok they might get housing and council tax benefits and free school meals. If disabled people have a mobility car it`s not free it costs approx £54 a week. Blue badges are no longer free, most carparks now charge blue badge holders for parking. Infact the people on benefits hardly get anything for “free”, Disabled people have it even worse, yes there are some people who fake being disabled but not all, why must they all be tarred with the same brush. if someone is in a wheelchair they get looked at as if they shouldn`t be allowed out of their house and are something that should be wiped off ones shoe. As far as I can see the back to work for the disabled was supposed to decide who could work and who couldn`t yet all disabled people have been declared fit for work. I have a friend whos son can not control any part of his body, has limited speach and can not sit or stand even with help yet he has been found fit to work and has had two work related interviews to find him a job. Now that the government has done this they are starting on the pensioners they as with people on benefits have a hard enough time just surviving on the money they get. Cameron should be stripped of his money for six months and put in the place of the pensioners and benefit claimants and see if he could survive let alone live. MPs should have to live on the money pensioners get and ban their expensives

  • steve

    so very funny that people dont want everyone to get unemployment benefit, child benefit etc
    but that every old person should get state benefits.

    Surely the state should only provide benefits for those that need it rather than those who milk the system.

    This has nothing to do with millionaire mps or tories and everything to do with greedy pensioners. We are all suffering after labours and mess and its time for pensioners to shoulder some of the burden.

  • Neil Jackman

    Robert Laidlaw.Would you have someone in your house who has never held a paintbrush or hung a length of wallpaper.Painting and decorating is a skilled job.I know because i was a painter and decorator. Would you let them loose in your house rewiring or fitting a new central heating system? No you would not!

  • All pensioners should get winter fuel allowances and bus passes
    whether they can afford it or not. They have worked and paid into the system
    many have never claimed for anything, so this a good way of the country saying
    thanks – heres a bit of money for you.

  • roy mcmillan

    A revolution against this arrogant, evil, clueless government is needed.

  • Me

    I read all the moans and groans on here and come to the conclusion you’ll
    all be rushing off to vote when election day comes around!
    When will you lot ever learn???….politicians of all creeds are there for one
    reason only and that is to line their own pockets with all the perks they
    can get their greedy hands on! Do everyone a favour and refuse to vote for
    these morons.
    None of them are any good…they just continue to destroy what
    was once Great Britain!
    Get real and stop them in their tracks…refuse to vote and put them out of a job to see how the other half live!!!

  • H.jackson.

    The way things are going we won’t need politicians and many other cold services …only that way will we truly reduce the deficit.
    local councilors are all overpaid and invariably useless.

  • DI

    I agree with the previous comment, another rich mp – my father is 85 and has
    state pension, with the 100.00 taken off last year, he had to try and find
    extra cash from his poor pension to make up his heating bill, which was
    348.00 for one quarter, if we have another winter like previous in 2010
    my dad will not be able to afford to eat let alone heat his house, stop
    taking from the poor start taking from the rich – afew of these mp’s (and
    i use the term lightly) should do a 2 week stint on a pension in the winter
    and see what they can afford each week, one thing for sure will be there cars
    would have to go – same as dads did to pay for his living. Get your heads out
    of those holes in the ground and start to look at what is really going on.
    Heating prices going up so the damn government reduce heating payments, typical.

  • DEE

    This idea of getting rid of the fuel and bus passes is stupid, typical
    government, keep the rich richer and the poor poorer, my dad is 86 and cannot
    drive anymore, i work full time so without his pass he would be stuck in the
    house, at least he gets out and meets friends, keeps active, mind saying that
    in the winter he goes to the shopping centres to meet friends and keep warm
    as he cannot afford to keep the heating on all the time, take the passes but
    remember that if the pensioners stay at home the heating on all the time in the
    winter, so up goes their heating bills, and without the little extra they get
    what happens then, cold and hyperthermia, on the governments head be it.

  • chris smith

    As usual they are attacking the old and aged, stop giving away all the money abroad, aid to countries must stop, we need it here, tax the rich tax dodgers, tax bankers bonuses at 100% and claw back all the money they owe us. make mp’s work for minimum wage, it used to be the rich who did the job for nothing, I wonder how many would do that now, stop mp’s pensions they are gold plated to excess. But be aware mR camereon and clegg your time is numbered, make plans for a new career because you suck at this one.

  • Fred

    So we get another over-rated no good overpaid and possibly thieving M.P.
    trying to stop the most vunerable people from having a decent end of life.
    Anybody putting up for parliament should be brains tested first to make sure that they will be fit
    they are fit for the job

  • jim

    It has always seemed strange to me that those who lived in a period of full
    employment with council houses and cheap mortgages available not to mention
    Endowments that actually paid a bonus and in receipt of a state pension
    get these things automatically.
    Yet those forced in to early retirement by ill health so not
    in receipt of a state pension do not, not to mention all the other
    OAP offers.
    Many current OAP’s didn’t bother paying in to a pension or saving
    for retirement yet expect a standard of living as if they had.
    Before anyone tells me they could not afford to
    Lets remember that in 1975 the average salary was £4000 pa
    and the average house price £11000 or about 2.5 times salary.
    Now its £25000 and £165000 or 6.5 times salary.

  • Helen

    Let me tell you how badly we’ve been screwed, I’ve worked all my life paid
    first class stamp when others paid half stamp, thousands of women who paid in
    half stamp were allowed to retire at 60, I’ve got to work till I’m 66, I was
    encouraged to take out private pension most of it I’ve lost after years of
    paying in, yes I was sensible and took final salary till my company got rid of
    the scheme, we were promised that wouldn’t happen, lets now go on about
    endowment mortgages we were also told they would be benficial and a good way
    of saving, so we lost thousands on that, add to it recession after recession,
    interest rates at almost 15% when mortgages weren’t capped, now we found out
    because we were encouraged to opt out of the SERPS our pensions will be less,
    however our private pensions have to pay us out the contracted portion, great
    I hear you say, ah well you’d be wrong, the private pension pay us out but
    guess what it’s taxable, if we had stayed in the government one we wouldn’t
    have been taxed.
    We’ve both worked all our lives , stayed married brought up and paid for our
    kids, never claimed benefits, so why shouldn’t we get a decent pension and
    the extra’s that go with it, we’re not rich but we’ve been loyal law abiding
    citizens of this country, if immigrants, social scroungers and greedy MP’s

    never claimed benefits

  • What about the £500 000 000 000 bad debt wiped off from HMRC.Our bus pass and fuel allowance pall into insignificance by comparison.Sort your own mess out first Prime Minister.

  • A. T. Cinato

    The elderly are like teeth – when they are gone no more money can be made
    from them. It follows that euthenasia wil not gain government backing whilst
    the elderly remain a rich source of taxation.Pensioners and those nearing
    retirement need to make their voices heard before the next general election.

  • marie morton

    when my husband and I moved to spain in 1984 we had to deposit £2000 in a spanish bank to ensure we had sufficient funds to live on. No handouts, so we had to start our own business, due to health reason returned in 1999. Now get a nominal spanish pension but had to pay into the system double what the uk have to pay. We didn’t get help from the spanish DHS or Pensions syatem because we had not contributed when we sold our business. I thought all countries had to abide by certain rules relating to pensions etc. I rest my case

  • mark

    Yes this goverment has to go! Yes if everyone refused to
    vote in protest at the system it would certainly get them listening to us for a
    change, however it would be better to spoil one’s ballot paper on voteing day
    as a spoilt paper is counted, a no vote is a wasted vote. My struggling 75year
    old father whom i saved from hypothermia a few years ago, quoted me a saying
    “ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY”. I am so very happy that our ruleing elite
    will go warm & snug this winter, lets face it if your getting £150.000 per anum
    plus expenses you can afford to be.

  • Jmgingerbeer

    If Mr Bowles imagines that poor pensioners will be rich enough to pay to use
    buses and buy TV licences to feed the government coffers, he should think again. Most of the ard up,
    The hard up will tighten belts, hitch a lift and watch TV in the pub. How long wio
    are the Tories planning to hit the weak and old?

  • El Cestriano

    It’ll be a brave politician that takes either the buss pass or the winter fuel allowence from us pensioners ! PROMISE !!!!Still, if they’re dumb enough to try it…….we pensioners can (and will) vote for the party that lets us keep BOTH !

  • Roy

    Why don’t you stop paying the thousands of brits living abroad in hot
    countries They do not need the winter fuel allowance

  • Allan

    Yet again the Conservative/LibDem coalition “government” officials are planning to claw money back to replace what the ineptitude and corruption of officials and banks have cost this country ~ How do they always do this? By targeting the weakest and most defenceless people in our society, with a blanket label of being overpaid, lazy or dishonest. Meantime they pump millions of pounds to every foreign package they can find.
    I for one will never vote Conservative again (or LibDem), locally or nationally. We need to get them out ASAP to make this country better for ordinary people!

  • Nic k Bolwles

    It would appear Nick Bowles m.p. is considering loosing his job as an m.p at the next general election. Get ready sir.

  • skint

    What a choice, the other lot who slept their way into the countries mess, or this coilition mess who lets pensioners pay the price for the bankers feeding frenzy. Who`s left as an alternative? Pensioners must give this some thought.

  • Barbara

    Well I’m a pensioner, and without the help this ‘grant’gives life would be very difficult indeed. If we are so bad off, can the MP please answer the following; why are we giving £20 billion in foreign aid while we are in need here? We are not the worlds benefactors, and these countries are NOT our responsiblity. When MPs understand this, we might have some rational thinking.

  • Rusty

    Good, and about bl00dy time. All the pensioners I know spend it on drinkies and other luxuries – and boy, do they BRAG that they’re getting it when poorer younger people are not! Poverty(at ANY age)is one thing, but giving money to people who don’t need it just because they are over 60 is a disgraceful waste of public money.

  • patricia cox

    a very large percentage of men die before retirement age so what happens to all the money that they paid in over the years it should be left in the kitty. but you can bet it goes to help some other in worthy cause. Most pensioners have worked hard and gone without and will not ask for more even if they need it. PLEASE THE GREY VOTER NEED TO VOTE AND GET THIS LOT OF WORK SHY MILLIONAIRS OUT OF GOVERNMENT

  • Jim

    Means testing is expensive and tends to deprive the most needy. Progressive
    taxation bears no costs and should give the affluent a due sense of noblesse oblige.
    The Winter Fuel Allowance can be recouped by that means.

    The TV licence fee can hardly be justified anyway, for any. Few affluent people use buses.

  • Lynn

    How dare this government think they can withdraw heating allowances, bus passes and TV licences. Whoever you are everyone has to manage on a budget of some sort and heating bills have increased at an extortionate rate and somehelp is required – I am a pensioner still having to work but my heating allowance helps enormously with being able to heat my home during the really cold weather, I have a bus pass – I don’t use it unless I need to but again it is a huge help when the fae into town is £1.50 each way – again taking a lump out of my budget, I am not old enough to qualify for a free TV licence but my Mother is and again makes a saving for her who isn’t able to get out very much. I would like to see David Cameron manage on a small budget – not just for a week – anyone can do that but try it long term and find out what it is really like to struggle. If he still wants to cut these benefits I suggest he increase the basic pension to allow Pensioners to live !!

  • Pete.

    It’s only a suggestion! Not too likely to acted upon. Also, don’t forget it was Labour that got us all into this mess in the first place. I agree about foreign aid and immigration though. As for means testing, surely it wouldn’t be that difficult. Anyone one paying higher rate tax, no buss pass or heating allowance. My wife and myself get these benefits and live on £11000 a year. No fortune!

  • debbie harry

    hi i have had to work till i am 61 years and 4 months as the powers that be decide i need to work longer i now get no benerfits until i retire i have worked from the age of 13 with ashop job evenings and weekends and started full time work when i was 16 years ol i worked when my children were growing up and am still working when will this country bring forward a prime minister for the o.a.p.s who are the silent majority we need an old person to represent us and may be we need to go on strike and block the roads stop the traffic and show these people that if we took our money from the banks there would be a large hole to fill what do you think////

  • Wonder why Bowls didn’t ‘suggest’ that the moneygrabbing blood sucking backstabbing tow faced lying cheating inbreds that are our goverment go without their MANY MANY MANY HANDOUTS . You know. The so called ‘EXPENSES’ they use for EVERYTHING .ie .Holidays, hotels . new clothes . furniture , mortgages, rent/boys, Mistresses ,toyboys , taxis , hairdressers, blue movies , note paper , ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ?????

  • pat

    I lived in Australia for some years. If you haven’t lived in the country for at least 2 years, you get no benefits. Why can’t we do this? Also, pensioners are looked after and valued, although pensions are means tested, it works out to be a fair system. If people won’t work, their benefits are stopped.

  • If he thinks that about pensioners then lets Mean Test the MP’s for all their
    greedy benefits that they claim.

  • martin

    Winter fuel payments should not be a universal benefit. Anyone receiving their pension by an overseas transfer should not be eligible. Bus passes should revert to the journeys originating from the paying area only and not across England and Wales.

  • liz

    why dont we just carry on working and never retire I have approx 4 years to go and cant see how wew and dont know how we are going to manage finanially its hard now while we are working fulltime
    but will be much harder when we retire who said retirement was the best time of your life – well it should be but it won’t be it will just be another struggle why cant the govenment take money fron the bankers they got us in the situation we are in at the moment.

  • tony wright

    people leave Britain for a warmer climate good luck to them but could someone tell me how on earth you can justify giving them a cold weather payment,I would have thought for someone leaving a country permenantly all benefits should cease.

  • H G Cartlidge

    Would it not be sensible, easy and cheep to redistribute these separate benefits into the state pension? The poorer members of society would still get the full entitlement and the better off would ‘pay’ it back via tax

  • Alexanda Crickmar

    Once again, I have reached the age where I am entitled to something I have paid in for after all. Bad enough I have to work till I’m 62 (raised women’s retirement age)Having worked and paid taxes all my working life, now this twit is trying to stop heating allowance for over 60s along with the bus pass. I never received tax credits, my kids child allowance was 90p per week, never claimed unemployment, sickness, housing, or any other “benefits”. Give us a break, how abot stopping all the handouts to people who have not paid into the system!!

  • grace wood

    I would like to know who can you trust not slimey cameron how on earth does he want us to live i lived havd to mouth in the war didn’t realise it would be the same now 70 pluss i say blow the lot of them up and start again same as 1945

  • Susan

    The elderly people that this Government is targetting are the ones who, in the 1939/45 war had men conscripted into the services, the women were in ine of the following servives, ATS,WRAC,The Navy or munitions, a few were lft to carry on bringing up children, Those people are now on there 80s They have worked for thir country all their lives and put up woth recessions during this time,never had anything from the Government in financial aid. How can this man try to take away the few bite of monitary aid they now get when immigrants get everything free, Money is given away, Bamks are helping themselves to the cash they hold in trust ,the Government throws money away like confety on useless IT projects, the MP’s are getting overpaid for the days they actually do work in Parliament with holidays galore, and the ancient relics of this age are to be denied a few pounds to assist their slightly improved pensions. The price a MP pays when taking his wife/friend/companion out to dinner, is MORE that the weekly pension these folk get. This country would not exist in this state if the OAP’s had not given thir life to rescue this country from domination. You forgetwhat happened in this cdountries past..

  • Crimson

    Yes and with the money saved we send more aid to the Syrian rebels. Someone
    please stop this World I want to get off.

  • when will the old folk stop moaning, if you are cold, move about more, instead of being sat in one chair all day, why should the oldies get money for keeping warm, when no body else in the country does, anybody over 70 should be put in a care home, freeing up social housing, and they can be fed, watered and kept warm in, until the coffin comes to carry them of in arrives, x

  • craneman

    So that idiot MP wants to scrap winter fuel allowance does he?. Well how about stopping the 5 million pounds going to Syria for a kick off if your feeling the pinch.

  • If people were to read this story properly they would realise that this is a very good idea, why should people who can easily afford to pay their own bills and not miss the money be given free t.v. licence, free bus pass and money off their bills, it has, for a long time incensed me that a millionaire gets the same benefits as someone who didn’t earn enough before retiring to be able to have a decent pension. The only people who should receive this sort of help are those who need it and it seems to me that this is now going to happen, it is not often I agree with a conservative decision but on this one I do. Why should it be only the very poor who have the intrusive questions – if you don’t need the money you shouldn’t get it, I hope this idea becomes reality sooner rather than later because those who are complaining about the suggestion appear to me to be the ones who will actually benefit from this, more money to those who need it and less to those who don’t that can’t be a bad thing can it?

  • David Smith

    This government is determined to kill off all old age pensioners.

  • frank shaw

    you see if we hadn’t won the war, these scumbags may not have been in power,
    we could have been ruled by the jackboot, but just maybe that might have been
    a better option

  • Margaret Timmons
      It’s about time all Pension credits and child benefits were withdrawn. There are not many poor pensioners, most can afford to live quite comfortably, if they can’t, they should have thought about that years ago and saved for their retirement. If you have children, you should be able to support them yourself instead of expecting other tax payers to pay for your family. If you don’t like this comment, then get yourself off the benefit treadmill and support yourself.
  • D.

    Two words describe this proposal – Political suicide.

  • J Holding

    I cannot believe what I’ve just read above by Margaret Timmons – there are not many poor pensioners? Sorry, Margaret, but I happen to know quite a few pensioners who are living on the breadline and only just scraping by. So what do you suggest? That we all go out and get jobs? I retired almost four year’s ago but had to keep on working part-time to make ends meet. Now I’ve realised that I have to stop because the work is very stressful and I can no longer give my best to it. But, as I get a very small pension (courtesy of Equitable Life, bless their hearts), as well as my meagre government pension of £106 a week, I know it’s going to be a struggle. Yet I am not entitled to any more financial help it seems. We need every ‘perk’ we can get and I, for one, agree with D above. Don’t rely on my vote next time, because it ain’t gonna to happen.

  • jj

    i am a pensioner who decided to spend all my money on gambling and drink over the years so that i could get free licences , bus passes paid for by you. My brother saved his money because he thought he should. Now he finds he probably will not get anything from the state as all he money has gone on housing immigrants and to support people like me I admit have contributed nothing. I should have to pay the price and get nothing. Just like the greed of banks the idea of giving people who have contributed nothing – just come into UK as a leach will cause the whole system to fail. English people now suffer to pay for everything. Why do you think our taxes are so high. We have paid for Greeks, Spanish, Irish,etc so they dont have to pay tax. Even their medical doctors and businessmen. Same in Italy. Blair, Brown, Milliband all know this but EU is their gravy train so it is not discussed. Basically all this is corrupt. Dont let them take away your allowances till they stop the billions of housing benefit fraud, the out of control immigration, mad wars etc.

  • Taffy Carmarthenshire

    Save a LOT of money by looking at Council Officers salaries.
    A Council Leader is on £40,000+ for obeying the Chief Executive and travelling a few miles to meetings.
    My son who is British Army high rank gets less for staying in Afghanistan for 6 months.
    Let’s be fair !!!
    And our current Government do virtually nothing but haggle amongst themselves.
    They are Robin Hoods in reverse.

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  • Terence A Warner

    Is,nt wonderful,those wilh bucket loads of money get tax breaks while those of us who struggle on low incomes get hammered.I have diabetes and in the colder weather struggle to keep warm.
    Pehaps the Prime minister living in Nr.10 where people walk around with out jackets on should turn the heating down to 16 or less . OK you lot in parliament stop being so bloody greedy and give a thought to those of us who have to buy every thing and not claim against expenses.