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It’s finally here – the Green Deal loan scheme has landed!

green deal

From today Green Deal installers will be able to register for the authorisation process. Only assessors and installers that successfully complete the Green Deal authorisation process will get the Green Deal Quality Mark  showing they comply with the appropriate standards.

The announcement was accompanied by the news that a £7m loan from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to the Green Deal Finance Company – the organisation providing Green Deal loans to installers – had been agreed.

The Green Deal is a government-backed loan scheme whereby households will receive energy-saving upgrades to their housing – such as insulation – and pay for the installation costs in their energy bills.

Crucially, the golden rule of the Green Deal states that these payments will never exceed the savings made on energy bills as a result of the measures.

‘Important Developments’

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: “I’m delighted to announce a number of important developments for the Green Deal today.

“The opening of the Green Deal register will enable businesses to start becoming Green Deal authorised and the Green Deal Quality Mark will show they have met our standards.

“Crucially, this will protect consumers, who will know that anyone displaying the Quality Mark has been through the required process to become authorised.

“The loan we have agreed with The Green Deal Finance Company will help them to undertake essential development and be ready to offer finance to Green Deal Providers in early 2013.”

Green Deal fast facts

The Green Deal is essentially a very cheap loan scheme to pay for energy-saving measures which will make the UK more energy-efficient.

Why is this being done? Firstly, our homes suffer from a shocking amount of heat loss. Secondly, Britain has ambitious targets for cutting carbon emissions, and the Green Deal is an important part of meeting those targets.

The golden rule of the Green Deal means the amount you save on your bills will always be greater than the cost of the energy-saving measures.

The cost – up to a current maximum of £6,500 – is absorbed into the future energy bills of your home and paid back over time.

An estimated 26,000,000 homes could be eligible for green deal financing.

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