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Ofgem: energy suppliers could be fined after failing most vulnerable


The shortfall means Ofgem is encouraging energy suppliers to speed up the rate at which they roll out energy efficiency measures for fuel-poor homes, or they could face fines.

The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target, also known as CERT, means that energy suppliers with over 250, 000 customers must cut the amount of CO2 emitted by their customer’s homes by promoting energy saving measures.

The targets were introduced after the UK was legally bound to cut greenhouse has emissions by 12.5%  by 2012, and the Climate Change Act 2008  requirement to cut them by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Despite  having already achieved 82% of the emission reductions overall, suppliers have achieved just 34% of the emissions reductions for vulnerable households, or those at risk of fuel poverty, which could spell hefty fines.

What suppliers have achieved so far: 

The clock is ticking for energy suppliers to reach their targets, but there are big gaps between energy suppliers with some facing a huge backlog.

– E.ON leads the way, having achieved 62% of its targets

– npower has achieved 47.6% 

– SSE: 27.5%

– EDF Energy: 21.3%

– British Gas: 20%

– ScottishPower has a lot of catching up to do at just 12.2%.

Suppliers will have to double the rate they are are currently installing energy efficiency measures to reach their targets, including 66% more insulation installations.

source: Utility Week