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5 things you probably didn’t know about smaller energy suppliers

Good Energy Customer Care Representative  Elle Wratten

Only 52% of energy customers would consider switching to a smaller energy supplier. The rest are too frightened to try one out, but their concerns are entirely unfounded. Here are a few things that might surprise you about smaller energy suppliers:

1) Smaller suppliers are greener

Less than 10% of the average UK electricity fuel mix comes from renewables. Smaller suppliers Good Energy, Ecotricity and Ovo Energy all get at least a third of their electricity from renewable sources like sunshine, wind and rain. Good Energy comes top – all of its electricity is renewable.

Energy supplier Good Energy fuel mix

2) Smaller suppliers offer better customer care

The top five spots in a recent customer satisfaction survey were taken by smaller suppliers. Good Energy topped the table with a score of 84%: the Big Six (E.On, EDF Energy, npower, British Gas, Schottish Power and SSE) languished at the bottom with an average satisfaction rating of just 45%.

3) Smaller suppliers aren’t necessarily more expensive

Good Energy’s domestic electricity prices have been frozen since April 2009 and they reduced their dual fuel gas prices by 5% in August 2012 – this means they cost about the same as the Big Six’s standard tariffs. Ecotricity price match the standard tariffs from the Big Six and Ovo Energy is price competitive.

4) Switching to a smaller supplier is simple

There’s no disruption to your electricity or gas supply and you don’t need a new meter or someone to rewire your home. All you need to do is spend a few minutes online and hey presto, greener energy is on its way.

5) You won’t lose your supply if something goes wrong

In the event of any energy supplier going out of business, the industry regulator Ofgem steps in to ensure customers are automatically transferred to another supplier. This safeguard is in place regardless of the size of the energy company.

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Have you switched to a smaller supplier? Have you thought about it but have been too scared to try? Tell us all about it below. 

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  • Tyrone MacTaggart

    I had a problem with a large supplier in my area LS8 – so then I switched recently to a smaller green supplier. Reading this article gives me peace of mind!

  • Danny Bonnett

    We switched (back) to Good Energy as soon as we could after moving house. The process was painless and there was no supply interuption. It’s a really easy way to encourage the renewables industry, and to cut your own carbon footprint.

  • Mark Walsh

    Working in the electricity regulatory industry in the UK, the one thing I think misrepresented in this article is that it says the smaller suppliers basically match the Big 6’s standard tariffs. What most people do not understand is the “standard” tariffs are the most expensive. The comparison sites, and internet offers from the Big 6 will offer substantial savings over standard tariffs every time.
    So it is only good measure to do a price comparison site of not only the standard tariffs, but the discounted ones available.

  • Roger Wilfert

    I’ve had npower, scottish power, southern electric, now with cooperative energy which is the best . you don’t mention Coop , how does it compare for renewables?

  • Brian Griffiths

    I was with OVO for the last 12 months as they came up cheapest on comparison
    sites (before that Atlantic, previously Scottish Power). When I ran the
    comparison sites this time round no sign of ANY of these smaller providers.
    Who was cheapest? Scottish Power. The smaller providers did not even appear
    on the page. As previous poster said matching a standard tariff means nothing