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Get a cheap fixed energy deal while you still can, households warned

EDF Energy's Blue Energy Price Promise 2013

One of the most popular fixed price deals – EDF Energy Blue+Price Promise April 2014 – is being pulled off the market, leaving most of us looking for peace of mind with a dwindling range of options.

Following SSE’s price hike announcement there has been a flurry of customers looking to secure a fixed price deal to protect themselves from future price increases.

However, just two fixed price plans – EDF Energy’s and a ScottishPower plan – come without an early exit penalty.

An exit penalty is a fee you have to pay if you want to leave your fixed price plan before its expiry date. The EDF Energy Blue+Price Promise April 2014 proved popular, at least in part, because it had no exit penalty.

‘Don’t hang around’

The good news is that, as of today, ScottishPower has extended the price guarantee on its plan to January 2014, while keeping the price static at £1,052 a year on average – £6 a year cheaper than the old EDF Energy plan. The plan has no exit fees.

Tom Lyon, energy expert at uSwitch, says: “Consumers who want to fix their energy prices cannot afford to hang around – these deals are flying off the shelves and could be pulled at any time.

People have quickly grasped that paying a low price today, coupled with a price guarantee and no exit penalties makes fixing your prices a real ‘no brainer’.

It gives absolute peace of mind coupled with flexibility, vital for consumers as we head into what could well be a winter of price hikes.”

What they have to offer

Here’s a table of the best plans available on the market today:


Plan Name



iSave Fixed v3



Online Energy Fixed January 2014



Energy Online October 2013


Sainsbury’s Energy


Online Variable September 2013


Ovo Energy

New Energy Fixed*



SaveOnline 12


British Gas

Online Variable Aug 2013





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