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The Green Deal loan scheme gets a £12m budget boost

The Green Deal will be launched with a £12 million boost.

The Green Deal is going to be launched in 7 major UK cities as the government kick starts the scheme with a £12 million investment.

Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield will all share the funding to lower carbon emissions by making households more energy efficient.

The funding, which will mean residents will be able to have energy saving measures fitted with no upfront costs, will not only reduce emissions but will also be used as a key tool in the fight against rising energy costs and fuel poverty – when when a household spends more than 10% of its income on its energy use.

It will be the first time the Green Deal is put into action. The scheme which is expected to be rolled out to the rest of the country early next year, after the government revealed it would be releasing £200 million of funds to encourage early uptake of the scheme.

The Green Deal makes energy saving measures such as insulation available with no upfront cost. Instead customers pay for the work through their energy bills.

This initial roll-out in key UK cities is expected to ‘raise awareness’ of the Green Deal and kick start the industry of Green Deal assessors and installers, who advise on the best energy-saving measures a home should make.


Commenting on the announcement, Energy Secretary Edward Davey said: “These cities have really ambitious plans to lower their emissions, reduce energy use and help people save money on their bills.

“I’ve been really impressed by their plans to start testing the Green Deal and transforming our homes and buildings. This funding will help them get up and running, and I look forward to seeing a number of properties across whole communities get the energy efficient improvements they need.”

Earlier this year, we reported on how the Green Deal could be rolled out to tenants, although the first phase will only be available for private home owners and social housing.

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