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Fixed plan alert! ScottishPower pulls most popular fixed plan

ScottishPower pulls its most popular plan.

ScottishPower has pulled its hugely popular Online Fixed Price Energy March 2014 plan.

 The move signals the end of one of the most popular energy plans, which offered fixed prices for two winters (March 2014) and didn’t charge any cancellation fees.

The decision comes just hours after EDF Energy relaunched the popular Blue + Price Promise plan and two days after First Utility introduced the cheapest fixed plan on the market, the iSave Fixed V4 March 2014.

ScottishPower’s Online Fixed Price Energy March 2014 was £44 a year cheaper than the new EDF plan costing £1,099 on average, although its price protection also ends three months earlier.

It also came without cancellation fees. EDF Energy’s plan is more expensive but also comes with no cancellation fees, whereas First Utility charges £30 per fuel.

Best Buy plans:


Plan Name


First Utility

iSave V12


Sainsbury’s Energy

Online Variable September 2013



Energy Online October 2013


First Utility

iSave Fixed V4 March 2014


Ovo Energy

New Energy Fixed*



SaveOnline 12


What should I do?

Looking to fix?

Fixed price plans offer the security of knowing you won’t be charged more per kWh of energy used for a certain period of time, from months to years. The longer the fix, the longer the guarantee so if prices do go up you’ll be sitting pretty.

Conversely, if prices drop you could end up paying more on average. Fixing also comes at a cost, with fixed plans typically costing a bit more than variable deals.

Finally there’s cancellation fees. If you’re on a plan with cancellation fees you will need to pay a certain amount (typically around £30 per fuel) to leave early, so make sure you factor that in to see if you’re getting the best deal.

You can learn more about fixed price plans on fixed price energy page.

Going for the cheapest?

Fixed plans usually aren’t the cheapest plans, so if you’re looking for the cheapest, chances are you will be looking at a variable plan but other factors also play a role.

The cheapest plan overall will probably be online only (so paperless billing), and you’ll need to pay by monthly direct debit.

You can find the cheapest plan for you with our cheapest gas and electricity page. 

Thinking green?

Green plans usually mean a portion of the energy generated by the company you’re with is generated by renewable sources, like wind.

However, it could also mean a higher proportion of nuclear generated, so do your homework.

You can learn more about green energy plans on our green energy plans page.

  • Scottish Power greed, greed, greed, profit before customers as usual.Just cut back on the amount of gas/electricity you use in order to stop them profiteering.I pay monthly and only use the gas electricity sparingly.