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Six fixed plans end – British Gas and Edf Energy customers affected

You’re on a great plan, but what happens when it ends?

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September saw six popular fixed plan from two of the biggest suppliers ending, potentially leaving customers on standard tariffs.

The end of September saw a raft of popular fixed energy plans ending which could lead to households paying hundreds more on their energy bills.

With most suppliers reverting customers to standard tariffs at the end of a plan, the plan end date should be a signal for most to start hunting for a better deal. Standard tariffs are typically the most expensive.

– British Gas plans ending

Plan End date Price Save Exit fee?
Price Cap 2012 30 Sep 2012 £119 £153 Yes
WebSaver 12 30 Sep 2012 £78 £153 Yes
WebSaver 12 with EnergyExtra 50 30 Sep 2012 £42 £153 Yes

 – EDF Energy plans ending

Plan End date Price Save Exit fee?
Fixed S@ver 2 30 Sep 2012 £120 £89 Yes
Online S@ver 10 30 Sep 2012 £189 £89 Yes
Online S@ver 12 30 Sep 2012 £164 £89 Yes

Fixed plans

Fixed price gas and electricity tariffs offer you reassurance that the cost of your energy will not go up, hence the ‘fixed’. Depending on the tariff, your prices could be fixed for anywhere between one year and four years.

But this security comes at a price. Fixed price energy can cost more than the cheapest online energy tariffs. What’s more there are cancellation fees to consider – some plans charge you if you decide you want to switch your tariff before your contract is due to end. Some don’t.

However, the biggest factor to consider when choosing a fixed plan is how long does my deal last? Typically, the longer the better, but be sure to make a note of the date so you don’t get rolled onto a standard tariff.

How much more is standard?

The graph below shows a range of plans that have ended since the end of August. Blue shows the average cost of the plan for a dual-fuel direct debit customer, while the bit in yellow shows how much more they will pay when they revert to a standard plan:

Fixed price energy tariffs