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Government infighting risking renewable energy jobs

Indecision over the upcoming Energy Bill is threatening the industry.

Will the government stay the course and stick by its Green credentials?

That’s the question asked by a Telegraph report highlighting the ongoing tensions between the government and the renewable sector as the Energy Bill approaches.

The Energy Bill will determine the future of the UK’s energy production, and the degree to which renewables and nuclear replace oil and gas, particularly given the recent growth in shale gas.

The UK may be committed to slashing carbon emissions by 2050 and decarbonise the energy sector, but as fears over costs increase, many fear the government may be getting scared.

The tensions cross party lines, with the Chancellor George Osbourne worried about costs and the Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey seeking reassurance from the ‘greenest Government ever’, particularly following the recent appointments of wind-farm sceptics John Hayes and Owen Patterson.

The biggest casualty so far have been wind turbines, with manufacturers complaining that turbine orders are dropping as the political debate rages, threatening the industry as a whole.

The news follows a recent report by PwC that a failure to reduce current carbon-output levels would lead to a 6 degree increased in global temperatures.

While the majority of increased emissions come from developing economies like India and China and developed economies are seeing reductions, the UK will still need to reduce emissions by 5.2% a  year to stick by its commitments.